Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bringin' back good ol' fashion music for the intellectual groupies

For my local kids, NXNE starts tomorrow. Here’s what the experts recommend. For Thursday we like the High Dials and Sleazy Cherub. On Friday we like the experts' pick of Novillero. On Saturday we suggest the Vespas or the Oufit . If you don’t care for any of the above, make your own picks.

Rock and Roll feuds are so in right now.
The Bravery v. the Killers feud continues with Mr. Brightside himself spouting off about how the Bravery are media whores and ungrateful that the Killers paved the way for them. But the kicker is when he say, “the Killers are here to bring back good, old-fashioned music.” Judging by the band's sound, which we like for dance floor antics, good old-fashioned music began in the 1980s. Who knew?

Speaking of the Bravery, they’re happy to let you know that
they prefer the groupies they’ve been attracting lately because they’ve got a bit of a brain and don’t just want the band for their bods. We’d love to believe them but when they use the word “booty” and the phrase “…and that kind of stuff…”, we’re thinking their definition of intellectual might not be all that discerning.

Sir Bob’s officially in our bad books for saying he
won't let the Spice Girls perform at Live 8 ‘cause they aren't popular enough . Umm…well… what was all this talk about then, Bob? The good news is the Girls still plan to reform for July of next year. Here’s hoping they pack ‘em in and stick it to Sir Bob.

If you aren’t already sick of the Jack White publicity machine, here’s some news about a
side project he’s pursuing that make “giant” songs, whatever that means.

Oh Rachel, Honey, we love you so very much on the O.C. which is why it pains us to say, what were you thinking leaving the house like
this? Please don’t let Mischa pick your outfit for you again.

Laslty, we’ve been negelcting our Mp3 blog buddies who have put out some great stuff for all y'all. So here’s a round-up from the past few days.
Mike at Take Your Medicine has got the Shatner and Ben Folds cover of Pulp’s Common People.

Speaking of Britpop classics,
Vicar’s got Blur’s Parklife.

Chris at
Gorilla vs. Bear has some Stripes' B-sides from the new album. If that wasn’t enough, he kindly provided some new Arcade Fire yesterday. Enjoy!


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