Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Doin’ the Chicken Payback

Since my name’s now up there as a contributor, while everyone’s favourite blogger is on a Britalian adventure, I figured I’d try and update this thing.

Be gentle folks ‘cause I ain’t nearly as good as the master. But inability has never stopped me before so here goes…

• If you still care about that NY garage rock revival thing of about five years ago,
the Strokes have apparently finished recording 13 songs, which may or may not be on a new album that still needs to be mixed and could be ready in January 2006—clearly it’s a slow news day in music. I say, whatevs dudes let me know when you’ve actually done something.

• If you like that old ‘60s British sound (and who doesn’t!) run over to your local record store and grab the North American release of
The Bees’ album Free the Bees, which came out yesterday. But before you go, check out the video for the ‘it-can’t-help-but-make-ya’-wanna-boogaloo’ single Chicken Payback, hither.

• Shame on you if you missed last week’s Imogen Heap love fest on the Mp3 blog circuit. But it’s not too late head over to the residence Rock Snob’s other blog boyfriend Dodge for a
whole lot aural lovin’.

• If you haven’t heard the Final Fantasy tune inspired by Montreal’s first couple of indie rock Win and Regine
head over to Gorilla vs. Bear. While you’re there give him some love for his 100th post.

• Finally, the Paparazzi almost ran our favourite formerly buxom redhead off the road
trying to get her picture. If I were them I’d claim that I was trying to give her a sandwich.


Blogger Punk is Dead said...

Oh Mike D., I remember like it was yesterday when your musical tastes ran the gamut from Alanis Morrisette to, well, Jewel. Oh how times have changed. Now you're all up in our faces with news about the Brooklyn rock scene, and using words like "hither."

And now that you're working in this little cove, I think you should remedy the lack of Rock Snob lovin' for the ol' "Caps and Spelling." I'm thinking of reviewing the new Coldplay album in a couple days. Hot!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

dude that bees video/song is fucking great. nice post!

11:38 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Shh Punk is Dead you'll blow what little legitimacy I have. But, yes, worry not Caps and Spelling will most definitely be getting some link love while I'm contributing to this thing.

Thanks for the comment love Chris, I was beginning to think people had stopped reading this thing while the Snob was off playing in the Old Country, but I appears not. I'm glad you liked the song/vid.; the rest of the album's great too but in a more mellow kind of way. Anyway, I'll try and keep the quality up and continue to neglect my own blog for this far more glamorous gig.

5:03 PM  

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