Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hey LiLo!

All our local mp3 bloggers should start pondering a plan of action for the coming year ‘cause the Liberals have introduced an amendment to the close the loophole in Copyright Act that allowed for file sharing. But don’t fret too much kids, it’ll be later this year or next before it comes close to becoming law.

Speaking of mp3s, head on over to Rock Snob’s good friend
Modern Laundry, where he has a great Shout Out Louds’ remix by Ratatat. While you're there check out the rest of his excellent blog and leave him some comment love 'cause us bloggers love that.

Even when Pete Doherty not around he still manages to ‘cause some major troubs!
Apparently, fashion designer Sadie Frost told Kate Moss she couldn’t bring Pete to her 40th birthday ‘cause she didn’t want any of his drugged out shenanigans to ruin her party. Like a good friend and girlfriend Kate showed up but generally sulked in the corner, until she found out Sadie invited her ‘enemy” (and mother to Pete’s bastard child) Lisa Moorish. There were no Lohan-Simpson-esque antics, but naturally Kate was livid.

If you’re like us, you're rather unsurprised by the uninspiring safe choices that made
the Live 8 Canada roster. Still, the good people at Chart are giving us a slight bit of hope that this thing isn’t a total waste, musically speaking, ‘cause only 19 of the 21 acts have been announced. None of acts they mentioned as possible choices for teh other two spots interest us, except for the lovely Miss Leslie Feist. If the organiser know what their doing, they will surely give Feist a spot ‘cause of all the acts on that list she’s got some credibility and the widest possible appeal.

Speaking of Live 8 Canada, if it wasn’t bad enough that the event is essentially bankrupt of interesting musical acts, it might not even be a success in getting the Canadian Government to make a serious commitment to ending poverty in Africa. It seems
Paul Martin isn't prepared to make any promises when it comes to aid for Africa, even after Geldof tried to shame him into doing so at the roster announcement via video. I’ve herd some people complain that Geldolf had some audacity to do that. But given our government’s initial commitment to the Asian Tsunami relief effort last year, we think that kind of behaviour is the only thing that seems to get any action from our public officials. Plus we're ashamed at the whole non-comittal stance by Martin. Yes we agree you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep and yes, Martin is leading a fragile minority government, but damn it great leaders step-up and act when there’s a need.

This is my last Live 8 related post today (I promise). Does anybody know what
Ticketmaster Canada is doing with the “convenience charge” and “order processing fee” that they will surely be charging for these Live 8 tickets? We haven’t heard anything, but if they don’t want a PR nightmare, I suggest that 100 per cent of that fee goes to a charity that aims to end poverty in Africa.

God damn it NME! You had us telling people the weather at Glasto is set to be beautiful and
now you’re telling us that’s not the case. NME, I don’t care how notoriously fickle British weather is, you aren’t getting any more space here for your slow news day stories. Glasto goers we suggest you hit up a local weather report from a real news before heading out.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Manchester might very well be the coolest rock and roll city in the world. Xfm talked to Mr. Damon Albarn and ‘cause so many guest musicians are needed to put on a proper Gorillaz's show, he’s planning
six gigs in the city for a fall tour. If you are anywhere near there in Novemeber you best be attending at least one of the shows.

We take back our comment about the public spat between Blur members being less embarrassing than the antics of the brothers Gallagher. Apparently
the band members feel like making some barristers rich because they’re suing each other. Still it isn’t all bad news, Alex James seems pretty adamant this doesn’t mean the end of the band.

If you can bear their usual snarkastic and cooler-than-thou writing,
Pitchfork has a pretty cool interview with the fabulous Annie, whose album hit our local stores yesterday. In honour of that, Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear gets some link love ‘cause he’s got my favourite Annie track Me Plus One. Now only if that Rapture remix could show up on an Mp3 blog (hint, hint).

We don’t much care for her English language stuff (her Spanish stuff on the other hand is pretty good), but man alive do we heart Shakira right now and we think you should too.
The bodacious Colombian said she empathises with the male species' inability understand women and please them because women can never be satisfied. We don’t quite understand what all the button talk was about and for the most part we haven’t encountered too many women who are a riddle wrapped in an enigma, but we’re smart enough to know that every man in the world should be blessing her hip-gyrating-little-heart right now.

Finally, ‘cause we know you, like us, can’t get enough Lohan news here's the daily round-up. Apparently, Lindsay threw
a hissy fit at the Fully Loaded premier when she found out her song was playing on the closing credit instead of during the first race scene where she expected it. She also has a new boyfriend and in case you forgot the voluptuous breasts of Lohan’s pre-diet figure were distracting. We miss those breasts. Le sigh.


Blogger modernmod said...

Hey The Fresh Young MikeyD or can I call you Fresh or MikeyD or just Mikey or maybe just D? Thanks for the love. We bloggers do indeed like to know that we are loved by our beautful reads. 'Cuse really thats why we do it isn't? We need the attention. We need to feel validated. We need to know that our lives are not meaningless, unfulfilling and in in nothing by misery and decay. Or something like that.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Célina said...

I haven't even finished reading your post yet... but I have some comments I don't want to forget!!
1- totally agree with your stance on the fee ticketmaster will charge for the Live 8 tickets; would be totally besides the point if they pocketed it.
2- you need a good weather source bro!! I suggest, although they don't have any cities near the festival... but I'm sure you can find a better source
3- second note about the weather... when is it ever accurate anyway?
4- as for Shakira's comment... you know, I have to disagree. And not only that her comment frustrates me! I know many complicated men, and only a few really complicated women. And I defenitley think (know) that women can be satisfied.
Okay that's all for now!!!

9:09 PM  
Blogger Punk is Dead said...

As far as I know, tickets for Live 8 are free. You just have to go to a particular place at a particular time in order to get them. The intent of the concerts are to "raise awareness" rather than make money to give to charities, apparently.

11:20 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Modernmod: You may call be either, but I tend to go by just plain MikeD. Secondly, no probs for the link love 'tis well deserved. Thirdly, as per usual you nailed it. We bloggers thrive on validation, if we didn't, we'd have chosen to be journalists.

Célina: I realise that weather prediction is essentially educated guess work at best and absolute bull jive at worst, but I was just angry that the NME made me look the fool. Secondly, I didn't really think too hard about Shakira's comments, but I guess you’re right. Her comments apply more to certain people than a specific gender. I have encountered many woman who I believe were satisfied (at least for a short period of time) and there are also men I’ve met that seem to be incapable of being satisfied. But, for the most part, I just found it funny that she was reinforcing gender stereotypes.

Punk is Dead: I do know they were free (they ran out in 30 minutes!). I just presume that Ticketmaster charged their usual “order processing fee” and their “convenience charge” 'cause I'm sure that's what they claim it costs them to print, look-up, and otherwise get the tickets to a wide variety of events in your hand. But if they waved that for this concert than kudos to them.

All Readers: If anybody could confirm that the Live 8 Canada tickets were absolutely free (as in it didn’t cost you, an “order processing fee,” “convenience charge” or any other fee/cost) it would be greatly appreciated.

1:41 PM  

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