Friday, August 12, 2005

all the weekend rockstars in the toilets practicing their lines

  • Pete Doherty has been offered the chance to play with his football heroes... as long as he brings Kate Moss along.
  • Pete also recently bought girlfriend Kate Moss some designer lingerie. I know its hardly "newsworthy" but I think it's incredibly hot when a man buys a woman lingerie.
  • Police stormed a secret Babyshambles gig and confiscated all the equipment. Fuckin pigs.
  • Morrissey's L.A. home is up for sale! Word on the street is that he's coming back to England.
  • Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs are competing for next year's World Cup football anthem. Tough call.
  • Details of the new Paul Weller album!
  • My beloved Duke Spirit are heading on an NME pub tour this fall. In the band's own words, "We will be taking our amplified rock and roll hearts away from the usual paths and into the capillaries... There will be boozing, celebration & solidarity (all at volume) in various inns, taverns, home towns and haunts during the month of September."
  • Great review of The Rolling Stones recent Toronto club gig on Reuters.
  • Doves are back in Toronto on September 30th at The Docks. I hate The Docks.
  • Gorilla VS Bear has some Kidz Bop tracks avails for download.
  • I'm in a meeting at work all afternoon but if anyone finds an MP3 of this new track of The Streets rapping over Bloc Party's music please e-mail it to me and I'll luv you long time.
  • 'Lost' has just starting airing in the UK. It's blowin up over there. Even "the husband" is hooked.
  • What am I doing tonight? I've had a few offers but nothing really jumps out. Suggestions please!

    Anonymous Thierry said...

    The Docks? NOOOOOOOOO!!! What's up with great shows taking place in shitty venues? I've had to put Paul Weller (Kool Haus), the New Pornographers (the Docks), Bloc Party (the Docks) and now Doves on my "not going" list, and Interpol (Kool Haus AND all ages) is very iffy.

    9:12 AM  
    Anonymous connor said...

    hey rock snob

    you wouldnt happen to know about the whereabouts of this track ?

    i would like to hear it

    9:40 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thierry - I know exactly what you mean... Tho I might make an exception for Doves (I think I'd rather see Doves more than Interpol)... But since when are New Pornographers and Bloc Party big enough for a venue like The Docks?

    Connor - I'm at work and I'll be out of the office at a meeting all afternoon but I put out a request for it and if I can get my grubby hands on it I will be sure to send it on to you too!

    11:21 AM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Speaking of venues being too big - The Bravery at the Kool Haus? WTF???

    11:49 AM  
    Blogger Shamrock said...

    Both good bands, but Kasabian are built for football anthems. They'd do something great for the World Cup.

    2:04 PM  

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