Monday, December 05, 2005

i'm losing it

  • Pete's headed back to jail and he knows it.
  • Dirty Pretty Things are working on the new album in LA.
  • The Modern Age has uploaded the new Strokes album, 'First Impressions of Earth' which I have no interest in.
  • The Vicar has posted his top 15 albums of 2005. I'm very pleased to see my Emiliana Torrini on the list! (By the way, has anyone else noticed that like, every episode of Grey's Anatomy features a song by her?)
  • Incase you missed it last week, Gorilla VS Bear has an MP3 download of U2 and Arcade Fire covering "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
  • Stereogum has the new Beth Orton single "Conceived" and new tracks from Gemma Hayes and Jenny Lewis.
  • Lady Sovereign and Cadence Weapon put on a great show Saturday night!
  • That's it for today kids. I gotta concentrate on my finals.

    Blogger peter said...

    no interest!?

    11:43 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Peter - Yeah it's just not doing anything for me.

    11:58 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    2:53 AM  
    Blogger alice said...

    that's a shame...both their other albums were pretty good in my opinion. Awww poor petey :( well now i know for sure there shall be no north american tour. Hey Valerie, did they even release here, or can you only get the cd as an import? Are they going to release it here? When?

    I think you should link me too...:)

    9:38 PM  
    Anonymous billyG said... has The Strokes’ upcoming album "First Impressions of Earth" available for pre-orders. You get a free “Juice Box” 7-inch single with all pre-orders, and plus you can use the coupon code "earth15" to save 15% on your order. Here's the link to The Strokes pre-order:

    10:21 PM  

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