Thursday, April 12, 2007

just like the good old days

  • Yay! The Libertines, Pete & Carl, reunited onstage in London tonight and played 13 Libertines songs!
  • Has anyone heard this Mark Ronson album? I'm curious but I'm not a fan of his Smiths cover.
  • I'm real tired kids. I'll be back Saturday (if not tomorrow).

    Blogger Psyco Dork said...

    The libertines are the best
    thank you

    6:08 PM  
    Blogger marwood said...

    The Mark Ronson album is decent. Admittedly I wasn't keen at the first (I deteste his Smiths cover)but "Just", "God Put A Smile...", "Oh My God" are all good. Stay clear of his butchering of "Pretty Green" though!! Hope this helps.

    9:07 PM  
    Blogger stillill1985 said...

    dont like the mark ronson cover at all.
    i spoke to him outside the social back when lily allen first came through, and he was telling me he had gotten the clearance for it and everything. he was djing a decent remix he did of the song at the time,and i assumed it was going to be something closer to that.
    oh well.

    10:13 PM  
    Blogger Gilberto said...

    Not a fan of Ronson or this particular remix. What he did to Radiohead's Just wasn't bad though. -G.

    10:59 PM  

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