Tuesday, May 01, 2007

go rappy-taps!

  • Coachella went down over the weekend Pitchfork and NME have coverage. I could care less - I'd rather not know what I missed out on.
  • The Shortlist finalists have been announced. Yawn.
  • Blur – complete with Graham Coxon – plan to reunite in the studio this summer says Alex James. It better not be a dirty lie Mr. James!
  • Pete Doherty’s completed his first solo album.
  • Stereogum has Jason Collett covering Stars and new music from Interpol.
  • Aren't I too old to be excited by this?

    Blogger pete said...

    You might not want to read this Coachella comment then...

    But i watched your girl Lily on Sunday. She messed up the lyrics to FOUR songs. But the third time she started swearing, haha. After the fourth time, she said she blamed it on all the spliffs she smoked before her gig, and that she didn't expect the turnout she got.

    Many, many other highlights, but figured i'd inform you of that one.

    11:59 AM  

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