Thursday, June 29, 2006

the day after

  • I am feeling more than a little hungover this morning! Not too much music news today but I did my best!
  • The Strokes are playing not-so-secret show at the Natural History Museum in London next week. You gotta win to get in.
  • For those interested, you can listen to Johnny Cash's final album (American V: A Hundred Highways') which will be released on July 4th.
  • The suspense is killing me but in Richard Branson I trust.
  • The Organ play a show at the Drake tonight. I wish I could go.
  • Broken Social Scene are the musical guest on Letterman tonight.
  • From the Toronto Star a few days ago, here's a list of some "essentially Canadian music". Interesting.
  • Tomorrow (June 30th) four Toronto repertory film houses – the Revue, Royal, Kingsway and Paradise – will close. I'll be at the Revue.
  • I don't know who's worse... The woman wearing the "outfit" or the person who designed it. (NSFW)
  • What the hell happened to Lohan? She looks like my Grandma (no offense Grandma)!
  • Monkeys are awesome.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    You continually blow my mind and Last night was no different. Montreal will be fantastic! What an absolutely kick ass birthday!


    1:11 PM  
    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Have you heard the new Jessica Simpson single?

    Is that Madonna's lawyers I hear calling? ;)

    1:31 PM  
    Blogger wonderbug said...

    re: branson.
    i know the performers....they are G-O-O-D!

    1:33 PM  
    Blogger Honey said...

    With regards to the Lohan-it seems like she and X-tina are after that "classic hollywood" look, and this was confirmed for me after seeing Christina's new album cover today (which is kinda nice actually)...

    4:43 PM  
    Anonymous Fen said...

    Ah shit, I didn't know The Organ were in town. Bugger.

    8:08 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sorry about your film houses closing.
    there are few and far between but they're well worth it everytime, imo.

    2:40 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Mike - Glad you had a happy birthday babe! You deserved it!

    Thierry - That's the worse theft of "Holiday" I've ever heard!

    wonderbug - Oooooh! I can't wait!

    Honey - Yes! Exactly! But only Christina is able to pull it off well!

    Fen - I should have given more warning. I didn't hear a lot about it either.

    Sam - Yeah its really sad! I'm really hoping we get into the final show tonight!

    11:09 AM  

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