Monday, June 19, 2006

the morning after

  • Last night was the annual MuchMusic Video Awards. I don't know what to say... I can't believe I watched the whole thing (despite being put off by idiots like Massari and Simple Plan and Nickleback winning awards just because they're Canadian)! There were some good bits (Rihanna in general, VJ Leah's dress, Paris Hilton, etc.) but I think this summary of the awards from pop (all love) does it justice.
  • "'Sweaty hippies' join rock fans at Bonnaroo festival" - I do believe that headline speaks for itself. More proof that hippies are sweaty and therefore dirty, and rock fans are, uh, just rock fans.
  • Friday night in Sweden, just hours after leaving rehab, Pete Doherty was carted off a plane in an alleged “drug-fuelled high”. He was also later chucked out of a nightclub for starting a brawl. So much for the wonders of rehab!
  • Last week Rufus Wainwright successfully recreated Judy Garland's famous Carnegie Hall concert. How fabulously gay of him.
  • One of George Bush's daughters attended a recent Radiohead show and Thom Yorke was not too pleased.
  • Thom Yorke admitted that his solo album was born out of boredom with Radiohead. That's gotta make the rest of the band feel great.
  • Katherine Heigl ("Izzie" on Grey's Anatomy) is engaged to musician Josh Kelley. Geez, even I'm a little sad to hear she's off the market.
  • The rest of Canada hates Toronto... and someone's making a documentary about it... cos that's what we do here.
  • If like me you have no money but really enjoy drinking (in Toronto) then take a look at this! BEST NEWS EVER!
  • It's like a beautiful dream come true!

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