Tuesday, June 13, 2006


  • So the baseball game was frickin great last night despite the fact that the Jays lost and my friend (who supplied us with the VIP tickets) lost his cell phone. (And the fact that I never got to eat a hot dog.) Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed making fun of the players and singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". Did baseball suddenly become awesome? Or is just everything better in VIP?
  • True confession of the day... I think this picture of Bobby Gillespie is kinda hot.
  • You can hear "Hard To be You", the song Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) wrote for Carl Barat (Dirty Pretty Things), on Tim's solo MySpace site. You can also see a picture of the boys looking cozy (boytouching!) at a bowling alley.
  • HURRAH! Cerys Matthews has announced details of her second solo album 'Never Said Goodbye'! I can't wait to hear the new single!
  • Lily Allen badmouthed Carl Barat and The Kooks on her blog. I still adore her - and the boys.
  • PeeWee is in The Raconteurs new video for "Steady As She Goes". Much better than the old video - and that Brendan Benson sure makes an attractive looking hick.
  • The White Stripes royalties trial began in a Detroit court yesterday.
  • The Futureheads new album 'News and Tributes' drops today. I'm excited!
  • Razorlight's new album will be self-titled and hopefully not shit.
  • Charlotte Church reckons she looked pretty good naked. if she wasn't younger than me she'd be my role model.
  • The trailer for Borat! (The Movie!)
  • Polar bears are becoming cannibals. Not really relevant - just sad.

    Blogger Janice said...

    I wholeheartedly agree with your Brendan Benson comment!

    12:31 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Ugh I cannot believe Lily Allen badmouthed Carl. She seems like a take-no-shit kind of girl. So I hope that she told Carl she had a problem with him making eye contact before slagging him on her blog. Then again she seems to have a bit of a shit-disturber kind of streak.

    Thanks for that Tim Burgess tune I was dying to hear it when I read the article about it but have since forgot about the thing. after listening to it twice I still cannot figure out whether he's being sincre or taking the piss. But that toy-like keyboard that comes in about a minute has me leaning towards towards taking the piss.

    I appulade Charlotte as well. Any sane heterosexual man's ideal should be a woman with well proportion curves.

    10:57 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh Tim is totally sincere. He's in manlove with Carl.

    12:10 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Janice - You and I share good taste in hick-lookin boys!

    MikeD - If she was smart she (Lily) just did it for the press attention! And I was quite pleased with the Tim Burgess song - his voice sounds great and judging by the pictures of Tim and carl together on his MySpace I think he's being sincere!

    Anonymous - Agreed! :D

    12:56 PM  

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