Wednesday, May 31, 2006

dirty blondes

  • Just a quick one because I have to go out of town for the day...
  • Morrissey openly criticized a new England animal testing facility... yet still played shows there. (Hypocrite.)
  • Madonna might be the new face of H&M. Uh, do people actually want to look like Madonna?
  • Courtney Love's memoirs come out in November. It's bound to be an interesting read.
  • Canada's Next Top Model premieres tonight at 8pm on CityTV. None of the girls appear to be Top Model material so the only reason to watch is for the drama (as if you watch for any other reason).
  • Clap your hands if you're hot and want to take off your clothes.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i think maybe you need to get over the morrissey thing already.

    do love your site, though. :-)

    3:24 PM  
    Blogger Gilberto said...


    Snobbypants... Morningwood?




    4:02 PM  

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