Friday, May 26, 2006


  • The Sun has posted a Toronto summer concert guide. What I found interesting was under "Confirmed exclusively by The Toronto Sun" where it says Morrissey will play Massey Hall on October 14th and 15th. What the fuck is this about? Someone please explain this to me!
  • If you're a massive Moz/Smiths fan the NME wants you!
  • Michael Eavis says Kylie will headline Glastonbury 2007! I am so there!
  • Reggae/ska legend Desmond Dekker has died.
  • CBC examines the Douglas Coupland based documentary Souvenir of Canada.
  • Kate Moss kicking a paparazzo is funny but the best bit of this story is the last sentence when they note that Pete Doherty left her house by hitching a ride on a garbage truck.
  • It took a while but this song really grew on me.
  • Boys do cry.
  • The best part about yesterday's pre-prom party at my house? Seeing this beast pull up! (It looked like this on the inside!)
  • Have a great weekend kids! (Enjoy your long weekend Yanks!)

    Blogger torr said...

    It took a while for Boy Kill Boy's "Suzie" to grow on you? Are you crazy? That song is catchy as hell. It's the single of the year, up there with Mojvave 3 'Breaking the Ice', Director 'Reconnect' and The Upper Room 'All Over This Town.'

    2:36 PM  
    Blogger modernmod said...

    It's probably one of my favourite singles this year along with THe Automatic's Raoul. Boy Kill Boy will be playing The Mod Club Theatre soon.

    3:15 PM  
    Anonymous Anna said...

    Sorry to be the beared of bad news but that article on Mozzer's gig was incorrect. There are, apparently, no scheduled Canadian dates.

    *introduces herself as a lurker who stumbled upon your blog via some random googling and is now*

    12:06 PM  
    Anonymous Celebrity DJ Chris Dart said...

    I played "Isrealites" a bunch of times at the porn store yesterday in honour of Desmond Dekker.
    Also, trust me when I say, Scarborough proms never jumped off like that. Fucking rich-ass Burlington people.

    5:25 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    torr - It reminded me of fucking Fall Out Boy at first... which is, uh, not a good thing. I've worked past it now.

    modernmod - I'll have to check out that track from The Automatic and keeps my ears peeled for the Boy Kill Boy show.

    Anna - Yeah that's what I thought. Especially after the whole "Moz hates Canada" debacle. Shitty.

    Celebrity DJ Chris Dart - Ahaha, your porn store (in my mind) has to have the best porn store soundtrack ever!

    12:26 PM  

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