Thursday, May 25, 2006


  • Just a quickie today because it's my little sister's PROM today and I've been enlisted to help with the big pre-prom bash we're hosting in a few hours.
  • Kaiser Chiefs, Gorillaz and New Order were all winners at the Ivor Novello Awards. Suck it Coldplay!
  • The 17th annual MuchMusic Video Awards nominees have been announced. Metric, Feist, Broken Social Scene, Stars, and Arcade Fire all got props.
  • Roddy Woomble of Idlewild is releasing a solo album, 'My Secret Is My Silence', this summer. He's got a lovely voice.
  • Larrikin Love's next single will be 'Downing St. Kindling' and we can look forward to a debut album in the Fall.
  • The Charlatans have written a song about Carl Barat (of Dirty Pretty Things/Libertines fame) called "Hard To Be You (Song For Carl)". I haven't yet decided if the title is sweet or insulting.
  • Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) delivered a speech to kids at his old high school in which he admitted he didn't technically graduate himself and instead opted to work at Long John Silver's and sell pot out of his apartment. What an inspiration.
  • Kate Moss has a new boyfriend. He's kinda dishy.
  • Some guy with grey hair won American Idol... And I still don't give a shit.
  • There will NOT be Pussycat toy Dolls. So that's one less thing you need to worry about warping the minds of young girls.
  • That is all. HAPPY PROM to all the young'ns.

    Blogger Gilberto said...

    Soooo, do YOU have a date for the prom? *wink* *wink*

    I already got my funky pink polyester tux cleaned and my best ruffled shirt ironed.

    On a different topic... I just realized all medical/hospital shows had shootings in their finales for the season. The only ones that were spared were the Scrubs peeps and that Billy Ray Cirus show... hmmm. Are doctors the new mailmen/mailwomen?


    1:34 PM  
    Anonymous Claire said...

    Some girls in Chicago got Tim to tell them more about A Song For Carl, details here:
    Hard For You (Song For Carl) is a much better title because he totally is

    10:01 PM  
    Blogger Arya said...

    er, Wayne Coyne

    3:58 PM  

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