Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i survived hobo camp '06

  • I'm baaack! I had a a great weekend camping up North despite the chilly/wet weather (yeah, it snowed)! I totally recommend the park we stayed at and living like hobos for a few days!
  • Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson was hit by a car over the weekend but escaped with minor injuries.
  • Arctic Monkey's bassist Andy Nicholson is pulling out of the band's upcoming North American tour due to exhaustion. Nick O'Malley of The Dodgems will be filling in.
  • Babyshambles have been dropped by their record label Rough Trade. Apparently, Pete Doherty is "difficult to deal with".
  • Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" is the most successful single in the UK in over a decade. Not bad for their first single.
  • Jamie Hewlett, the artist behind Gorillaz, has won the won the prestigious Designer of the Year award. That's a nice bonus.
  • The new album from Phoenix, 'It's Never Been Like That', is out today. Listen to it in full here.
  • If you haven't heard it yet I suggest you rush and download Willy Mason's brilliant song "Oxygen". It came out like over a year ago but its still good.
  • The Guardian looks back on the birth of the Manchester music scene 30 years ago.
  • Torr posted some Stone Roses studio demos.
  • Dodge posted a bunch of covers of The Smiths "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out".
  • Take Your Medicine wrote a funny little piece about classifying MP3 blogs.
  • I've added my site to elbo.ws (an MP3 blog aggregator) - even though this site is more links to music news/entertainment. Just so ya know.
  • That's all for today folks.

    Anonymous Celebrity DJ Chris Dart said...

    Gnarls Barkley is the quintessential overnight success ten years in the making. Two guys who have been banging around in hip-hop circles for over a decade (at least in Cee-Lo's case, and close for Danger Mouse) get together for a wierd little side project and get shot into superstardom.
    What's really "Crazy" is that the people who seem to like this song probably never would have bought a Goodie Mob album eight or ten years ago.
    Also, the Artic Monkeys' bassist looks like a guy that gets winded easily, so I'm not surprised he's exhausted.
    Oh, also, sorry I didn't get to post a new show like I wanted to, I have crazy writing deadlines right now. Soon, ideally this week.

    3:45 PM  
    Anonymous Claire said...

    Holy crap those Stone Roses songs are amazing

    9:00 PM  

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