Wednesday, August 30, 2006


  • I didn't update yesterday because I went to see Little Miss Sunshine instead... And I'm not sorry because it was an awesome movie (and I had a hot date)!
  • Thanks to Katie for informing me that the Gallagher brothers are launching a hotel chain! Crazy!
  • Parlaphone are pretending they haven’t signed a deal with Pete Doherty.
  • Manic Street Preachers are working on a new album (their eighth)! They’re aiming for “a mix of 'Generation Terrorists' and 'Everything Must Go'” which sounds great to me.
  • Pitchfork showed me the way to the Wolf Parade video for "I'll Believe In Anything" which I like a la-la-la lot.
  • I must’ve read the Ikea catalogue 10 times but I never noticed anything out of the ordinary until I saw this on the news.
  • If only it could last forever!
  • I'm super sick with the sniffles but I'll try to get another update in before I leave for Montreal!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hope the hot date was worth the cooties.

    get well soon!

    (NOT YOU JESSICA! Now back to your cell).

    ps - here's what my second day on my new job was like

    i was there, unfortunately, though safely inside a cuban cafe.

    9:51 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    that post was me


    9:52 PM  
    Anonymous Karl said...

    It was a good movie; Alan Arkin rocks.

    I presume you aren't playing hard to get with your hot date. Good for you; life is too short for game-playing.

    1:25 PM  

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