Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i just want to cry for no reason

  • Pete Doherty's not doing too well in rehab... unless you count punching nurses as a step forward.
  • I love Lily Allen's new video for "LDN". She looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see her live this Ocober!
  • The Organ have pulled out of the Carling Weekend.
  • Irvine Welsh says his wild days are over. Pity.
  • Damian from OK Go will be on Colbert Report tonight. I have no idea why.
  • THE END.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    dammned youtube. so broken right now.
    i wanna marry lily. ill put that extra L in her name and her life. she will love me, im a decent dude.

    michael k

    10:56 PM  
    Anonymous karl said...

    The trend in post titles is not encouraging. Chin up; you're going through major life changes right now, which is always stressful. But very few things are THE END, even when they seem like them at the moment. You most likely did not punch a nurse today, so you're quite ahead of thr game.

    1:42 PM  
    Anonymous max said...

    i'm really loving the continuing adventured of pete doherty...thanks for keeping me looks like he's making big advances :)

    2:41 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    michael k - I hope you got to see the vid today! She's brill (and yes, I do think she would love you as you are more than just a decent dude) - I got my tix to see her so hopefully I'll see you at the show.

    karl - Yeah I guess they're just depressing cos I do them at the end of the day when I really just want to working out and getting ready for bed... but thanks for the encouragement!

    max - Thank god for Pete Doherty and Lily Allen or else this this blog would be the most boring ever.

    8:41 PM  

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