Monday, August 14, 2006

selling out VS buying in

  • I hope everyone else isn't as tired as I am after that weekend. 12 hours at Canada's Wonderland on Saturday and fighting the crowds at Taste of the Danforth on Sunday = one sleepy girl who never wants to see crowds of people or eat junk food again... or at least not for another few days anyway.
  • Snow Patrol has to cancel some US tour dates over the weekend because of the terror alerts. It seems like that band will forever be rescheduling shows in North America.
  • The Horrors frontman was recently beaten up for looking androgynous.
  • Gomez are releasing a Best Of compilation next month.
  • Noel Gallagher is getting old.
  • Razorlight (and PETA) want to Canadian government to stop killing black bears. Well maybe they should pressure their own damn monarchy to switch to fake fur on the Queen's Guard hats (the reason the bears are being killed in the first place).
  • Chart talks to "Glasses" from The Futureheads.
  • Pitchfork talks to Thom York who reveals Radiohead came close to splitting.
  • Aziz Ansari is genius! Watch this!
  • Pete Doherty is trying to swallow Kate Moss' head!
  • If Stephen Colbert Was From Toronto.
  • I've resisted to urge in the past but now I'm debating taking some money for advertising. Thoughts?

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think you'll find that the bearskins worn by the british army are from pelts collected from culling and hunting of black bears. Not a single bear is culled just to make the hats.. If Johnny got his head out of his own arse for 5 seconds he might realise its worth being informed before spouting off.

    He is a perfect example of saying things just to get in the papers to promote himself. Twat.

    11:57 AM  
    Blogger Gilberto said...

    Make hats off Razorlight pelts! Boots from Morrissey ass leather!

    Hey Snobbypants, i wouldn't mind ads - as long as they don't pop up/under/above/below. You know a sidebar of google ads or some shit wouldn't be bad.


    12:02 PM  
    Anonymous karl said...

    When you landed your new job, you were wondering about the future of the blog. If taking some ads helps motivate you to continue, by all means.

    To quote Austin Powers, "Yay Capitalism!"

    2:26 PM  
    Blogger Julio Enriquez said...

    in all honesty, how MUCH $ do you even stand to make....will it make you or break you....those are the questions you should be asking....and as far as Gomez releasing a compilation, i think it's absolute bollocks, they've only had like 5 albums spanning 8 years...i think a band should be together alteast 20 years to warrant a best of or comp album imho....

    2:49 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ads for $

    just balance the amount of money for the type/content/layout/style of ad. you don't want to shill for oil or banks but media (mags, labels, etc.) or fashion fits in nicely. and obviously the design shouldn't effect your readers pleasure or ease of use.

    but by all means if someone wants to pay you for something you already do, enjoy doing and do quite well...go for it!

    Bingo T. Clown

    3:11 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am so sick of PETA
    I mean, I am all for the ethical treatment of animals, I don't really like killing bears or seals either,
    but I am sick of celebrities/Johnny Borrell using it to get more column inches


    8:57 PM  
    Blogger quadb said...

    Nuthin' wrong with making a buck or two doing what you love. Like was mentioned before pop-ups please!

    9:38 PM  
    Blogger pete said...

    ads are fine, i'm groomed to ignore them anyway. same as above, no pop-ups if it can be helped.

    10:40 PM  
    Blogger Culture Bully said...

    I don't taste your PETA

    1:38 AM  
    Anonymous katie said...

    Try to get in with these guys if you want to do the whole ad thing - they'll manage it for you...although I'm sure there are probably a few more companies out there like that.

    Thanks for writing this blog - my boyfriend pointed it out a while ago (he's an every day reader) and I've been reading ever since. It's nice to know that people from the GTA aren't strapped to 102.1 for all their music info (my family is from Oshawa, so I know your pain!).

    cheers! katie

    9:35 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Anonymous - I know... he seems to just like having something to shout about.

    Gilberto - Ahahah... And yeah, I would never subject you to unnessecary pop-ups.

    karl - Well I fugure it can't hurt.

    Julio Enriquez - I dont stand to make much as all - but I figure it would be nice to get something for the 5/6 hours of work I put into this thing a week (especially since I seem to be getting fewer guestlist offers at shows)... And about Gomez, yeah I dont know that they have enough hits for a Best Of.

    Bingo T. Clown - Yeah I agree with that final sentiment. And obvs it would be music related.

    Mary - So am I - I thunk its so pathetic the way they rope in young and naive "celebrities" for their cause.

    quadb - Cool. No pop-ups for sure!

    pete - Sweet.

    Chris - Ahahah, well done.

    katie - Yeah I dont think i want to actively solicit advertising - I think in the future I just might start accepting decent offers.

    Oh and you're very welcome. I'm glad you and your boyfriend enjoy it!

    10:14 AM  
    Blogger radar said...

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    love you!
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    9:39 PM  

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