Wednesday, August 02, 2006

no, thanks

  • Happy Mondays have recorded a new album. Too bad its 14 years too late.
  • Thom Yorke demands Tony Blair's resignation. I'm sure the Prime Minister has bigger problems right now than the weird singer in Radiohead.
  • New Order are heading to South America.
  • Art Brut have signed to a new UK label AND they've announced some North American tour dates (with We Are Scientists) this fall.
  • Preview the new album from The Dears.
  • A bunch of Canadian musicians are auctioning off odd stuff.
  • Goldfrapp are releasing a remix album called 'We Are Glitter' in America on October 17th.
  • This is both incredibly disappointing and embarassing.
  • James Blunt has been voted Britain's most annoying person. An accolade well earned in my opinion... Though I must admit that there are many other inviduals I find far more irritating/infuriating... Who do you think would top the list if Canada and/or America made a list?

    Anonymous Thierry said...

    Most annoying Canadian? Easy: Ben Mulroney.

    1:26 PM  
    Blogger Gilberto said...

    I agree with the above poster. Hell, i've only been in this country for 4 years and i hate that Mulroney dude.

    Him and the guy from the Canadian Tire ads (recently retired).


    4:13 PM  
    Blogger quadb said...

    The Dears-Gang Of Losers=Best Release of 2006 so far; in my pretentious yet humble opinion!

    Ben Mulroney. *shivers

    5:38 PM  
    Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...

    Off of politics and such, America still has David Blaine and that mindfreak guy Criss Angel - locked up in an ice cube or fake levitating to a staged audience? I can disconnect my thumb, wanna see?

    1:16 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    CELINE DION, people.

    12:16 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thierry - Yeah he'd make my top 10 easily!

    Gilberto - Ahaha, well he does leave quite an impression... but I liked the Canadian Tire ads guy!

    quadb - I'll have to give it a better listen then!

    Brad/Penguin - I don't know who Criss Angel is but David Blaine was kinda cool back when he was street.

    Anonymous - NATURALLY!!!

    1:59 PM  

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