Friday, July 21, 2006

file all complaints about the current state of pop music here

  • So I was watching some popular music videos last night and I seriously couldn't determine which was the lesser of these two evils: Jessica Simpson or Fergie... I don't know whether to laugh or cry (or claw off my eyes and ears)!
  • That loveable weirdo Adam Green recently found himself hitchhiking across Europe in his pajamas.
  • The Automatic stripped down to their underpants and got a little rowdy on a British morning show today.
  • For those interested, the tracklisting for the new Killers album.
  • Kasabian talk about kicking one of their own outta the band.
  • The new Marks & Spencer Menswear campaign stars Brett Anderson (Suede) and Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music)!
  • Can anybody get me (+1) on the guestlist for the Futureheads show next week?
  • Stereogum got hacked. But at least its kinda funny.
  • This YouTube video is hilarious if only for the Pete Doherty bit.
  • Have a wonderful weekend everybody! If anyone knows of anything cheap and fun going on around town let me know!

    Blogger wonderbug said...

    jess vs fergie - they are both horrible. but, the jessica song is so poppy (even with the madonna rip-off) that it will sell by the frickin' boat-load...

    i admit...i like the fergie track - but, that video!! blah! she' puts the whore in horribe.

    i saw stereogum down all day yesterday and i the hack this am.
    damn...that was good times.

    11:56 AM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    That Adam Green story was hilarious. I think he got the moral of the story wrong, though. It should be that Belgians are most definately some of the kindest and coolest people in world.

    I'm going to have to check out the propaganda from that Marks and Spenser Menswear campagin. Normally I'd be putt-off by musicians modeling but David Bailey is an absolutely brilliant photographer.

    5:37 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    I'm saddened at the lack of Franz Ferdinand news today. I was hoping the streak would survive till at least week's end.

    5:41 PM  
    Blogger Will said...

    Agreed. Pop music is absolutely disgusting. Why don't we have any new groundbreaking artists in this category of music? I think you should start doing pop music. You can be to pop music like what Bob Marley was/is to reggae! I'd support it! Let me know how it goes!!!!

    4:26 AM  
    Blogger The Last Realist said...

    Jessica vs. Fergie?

    I think that's more the evil of two lessers. I believe laughing while crying is the correct emotion when you realize music has become porn, but porn's music is better. R.I.P Nelly Furtado. Oh.. sorry, that just slipped out.

    With Love,
    The other guy in Cynically Tested

    3:17 AM  
    Blogger quadb said...

    Wow. Jessica vs Fergie? Jessica gives me a rash. She is an absolute atrocity. I actually break into convulsions at the sight of her. And Fergie...that song is just bad. I mean really really terribly bad.

    And welcome back stereogum (it's back up again)

    7:14 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    wonderbug - Yeah I have to say I think I definitely prefer the Fergie. Popbitch said of the video: "Overseas viewers should note that the London represented in this video IS actually exactly what London is really like." Ahahah!

    The Fresh Young MikeyD - Sorry about breaking the Franz Ferdinand streak - it had to happen sometime... I'll be checking out those Marks and Sparks ads simply for the Brett Anderson factor. I have a feel Mr. Bailey is going to make him look awfully handsome!

    The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Will - I wont start making pop music but naybe I'll start wriitng about the good stuff more often!

    The Last Realist - Ahaha! Thanks for the comment! Keep up the great work and tell Wes I say hi!

    11:09 AM  
    Blogger tescosuicide said...

    There are really only two bands out now that can fall into the music catagory; Tool and Mars Volta. No point in wasting time with anything else.
    ~TRUE Rock Snob ;)

    7:46 AM  

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