Friday, July 07, 2006

my heart hurts

  • I had such a bad dream last night that I woke up to the worst chest pains imaginable and they still haven't gone away. If I'm not back on Monday I've probobly had a heart attack. :)
  • T In The Park happens this weekend in Scotland. The killer bill just got even better with Kasabian and Larrikin Love being added to it at the last minute.
  • Interpol are working on a new album.
  • Paul Weller wants The Jam's "Going Underground" (which he wrote, duh) played at his own funeral.
  • Dirty Pretty Things debut album was frontman Carl Barat's first time writing music without being under the influence of cocaine. The good news is that the album still sounds sleazy so you can't really tell.
  • The Raconteurs filmed their new video for "Hands" at a school for deaf girls in Oslo.
    Life-changing experience apparently.
  • Torr has the word about a new McAlmont & Butler single being released next month. WHAT? Where did this come from?
  • Is it odd that I'm terribly disappointed with the new Justin Timberlake single?
  • At least I'm not the only person in Canada who can't seem to find a job.
  • Lots of stuff happening in the city this weekend... Its the Celebrate Toronto Street Festival (no idea what it entails, but it's free) AND Summerlicious starts today which is good news for people who like eatin' fancy on the cheap!
  • Jamie Lidell is playing a free show at Harbourfront Centre (Concert Stage) at 8 o'clock tomorrow (Saturday) night if you're looking for a low-cost/high-entertainment option! Why does all the fun free stuff in the city always happen the one weekend I leave for the boonies? Have fun for me!

    Anonymous Cory said...

    hope you're feeling better, couldn't live without this site up and running

    haha, that made it sound like i only hope you are feeling better for my wants/needs...but i hope you're feeling better soon

    3:54 PM  
    Blogger Rebecca said...

    Yay, INTERPOL!

    11:55 PM  
    Anonymous lemmie said...

    I'm not much of a computer head, but I tripped upon your site , checked it out for a few moment's and really, I'm almost in love ! Anyway, I must get better at this....machine of man, and keep checking u out.. c-ya soon:)

    12:12 AM  

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