Wednesday, July 05, 2006

nothing in the news

  • I've seriously been all over the Interweb for the past hour trying to find something to write about... Turns out there's nothing going on! It's a very slow news day so I just did what I could!
  • Kasabian have some harsh words for Bloc Party, Pete Doherty, Test Icicles, and The Automatic in the new NME.
  • Alan from The Rakes had a naked encounter with riot police in Spain and gives a terribly boring interview to PETA2.
  • The 12 year old in me who had a massive crush on Jarvis Cocker for years kinda died a little yesterday.
  • It's a beautiful day. Get out by the pool/beach and listen to a good summer song (NSFW).
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM who I'm sure has lurked me and my blog out over the Internet!

    Blogger Janice said...

    LOL with regards to your Jarvis Cocker comment! That was awesome. Anyway, i just want to let you know that I am digging all the multimedia content...keep them up! And too bad I didn't run into you at the Harbourfront over the weekend.

    12:09 PM  
    Blogger modernmod said...

    Look who else is up there as one of his little friends!!!

    8:09 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Crap, now I'm going to be listening to that Pussy song all day.

    9:01 PM  
    Blogger CPD said...

    Like anyone gives a flying fuck about Kasabian.

    9:18 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Janice - Its so true! Thanks for the encouragement with posting more pics/vids (yours are always great)! It's a shame we didn't run into each other but maybe I'll see you at kat's party on Sunday?

    modernmod - I was going to say something but then I didn't know if I should... Well done.

    Anonymous - Sorry, it's addictively good!

    CPD - Well I for one do!

    10:05 PM  

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