Monday, July 10, 2006

back from the farm

  • Why Zizou? Why? Now that the World Cup is over I can get back to my life... so basically that means more time sitting in front of my computer (instead of the television).
  • T In The Park and the Oxygen festival both went down in the UK over the weekend. NME has good coverage for those interested in knowing what they missed out on.
  • Here's some pics from T in the Park that really made me feel like I've missed out!
  • Lily Allen is #1!
  • Here's Pete Doherty's interview with Johnathan Ross: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I can't deny that I still adore him.
  • Arctic Monkeys give a lame excuse (if you can call it that) as to why ex-bass player Andy Nicholson left the band.
  • Alex from Arctic Monkeys shops at Primark which is apparently shocking and newsworthy. Whatever, I'm not ashamed to admit that I bought one of my favourite dresses from there.
  • For Franz Ferdinand fans, here's an interview (or "podcast" as they're calling it) to tide you over.
  • Kaiser Chiefs are hilarious.
  • CBGB is moving to Vegas. That can't be a good thing. When has anything good ever happened in Vegas?
  • Despite it being like the busiest weekend ever in Toronto, I ended taking a pass on everything and going on a roadtrip with some girlfriends to visit our friend in Tilbury. Here's some pics of us taking in the local scenery.
  • (Me in a wheatfield.)
    (The ladies on the farm.)
    Good times!


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i hate to admit, i don't understand. *what* is there to adore about pete doherty? i truly don't see it.

    nice pic in the wheatfield.


    3:06 PM  
    Blogger Culture Bully said...

    you're looking fit (does telling you make you know it?)

    1:47 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    nice tits val!-
    and how the hell do you explain the greatness and genius that is the pete???
    i dunno.
    did i say nice?
    i meant GREAT!

    2:06 AM  
    Blogger rocknrollstar said...

    Ha ha, I second your thoughts regarding World Cup!

    Great pictures... almost looks like you were visiting Minnesota ;)

    - Steve

    2:52 AM  
    Blogger Sam said...

    the Zidane headbutt was shocking! :)

    and i agree - great pics. looks like a great way/place to spend a lazy summer day.

    10:43 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    NJF - I guess the interview just reminded me of how shy and clever he used to be back in the Libertines heyday. Thanks.

    Chris DeLine - Ahahah, thanks but no, I don't know it.

    Anonymous - Uh, thanks. I think Pete is pretty brilliant as well (obvs).

    Steve - Ahah, it felt like I was visiting another planet. I enjoyed it tho :)

    Sam - Thanks, it really was a great place to spend a relaxing weekend!

    12:51 PM  

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