Monday, July 17, 2006

i can't take the heat

  • Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) was beaten up in a bar in Madrid on Friday night. Two black eyes and a broken nose but he still performed the next day in Barcelona.
  • Ash are working on a new album. Without Charlotte Hatherley. :(
  • Metric's Dog Day Afternoon festival went down on Saturday. Here's accounts from the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun. Who went? How was it?
  • The Siren Music Festival went down in New York this weekend. Scissor Sisters, Art Brut, The Cribs, The Stills, Tapes N' Tapes, and She Wants Revenge were among the performers.
  • The Guardian has compiled a list of 50 albums that changed music. Check it out.
  • Pete Doherty used to enjoy dressing up in his sister's Brownie uniform as a child. Why am I not shocked.
  • "Lily Allen got together with her last boyfriend by pretending to lose her keys and then jumping on him when he offered her a place to stay." Smooth.
  • Some Canadian kids got married in California on Saturday.
  • My friend Tara got MARRIED on Friday to a wonderful man from Monterrey (Mexico) named Dave! The wedding was lovely and I had a great time dancing to songs like "Hips Don't Lie", "La Bamba" and "Conga" at the reception (despite all the hot young Mexicans in attendance showing me up on the dancefloor)! You can check out some of the pics I took with my phone here! Good times!
  • iTrips are going to become legal in the UK. I dont know how anyone can survive a long car ride without one!
  • YouTube is blowing up!
  • The heat is on so be sure to stay inside and bask in the glory of air-conditioning today!

    Blogger Morning Glory said...

    pete looks sofuckinghot in drag!
    (crap, did i just hit publish?)
    - i apologise profusely for spamming your wicked-ass blog! and uh, for swearing : )
    must be this DAMN T.O. HEAT.

    6:41 PM  
    Anonymous Mark said...

    I went to dog day afternoon. Here's my very brief summary:

    The crowd completely blew. While Fiery Furnaces and others rocked out on stage, most of the crowd sat there like statues--presumably wondering when Metric was going to be on. Finally when Metric got on stage the crowd had some life.

    I must say that I was impressed with all performaces across the board.

    7:36 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why so many pop ups. Its kinda annoying. Of course, c.r.e.a.m get the money and all that shit, but hell, theres gotta be a better way than pop ups, pop unders and banner ads.

    I mean really.

    11:26 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Morning Glory - Ahaha, yeah I had to resist the urge to post one of the many pics of him in a miniskirt!

    Mark - Not surprised about the crowd at all... then again, with the heat I can udnerdstand why they might not be inclined to move around! Glad it was a good show tho!

    sat there like statues--presumably wondering when Metric was going to be on. Finally when Metric got on stage the crowd had some life.

    Anonymous - I use Mozilla Firefox and I dont get any pop-ups anymore... Either that or deal with it because, seeing as how blogging doesn't pay, I can't afford to get rid of them.

    11:32 PM  
    Blogger ultra8201 said...

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    2:27 AM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    What I saw of Dog Day Afternoon was merely alright. I have to agree that the crowd cared for no one but Metric but I expected that. Although I love the Furances their show at Lee's was a much better set even though Eleanor's voice was shot on the account of a cold—she thanked everyone at DDA for making it out to the show and apologised yet again. I guess some of the magic gets lost outside of an intimate club venue but it was grand hearing the songs minus a piano, synth and just guitars rocking out. Whoever was responsible for Metric's set-up deserves a a good berating. Those lights were ridiculous. Having them flash at eye level from behind the band makes it impossible to see them perform. If I wanted to merely hear them play I would've stayed home and listed to the CD in a nice climate controlled enviro. Secondly you could hear the drumming echo off a billboard or some of the buildings near the back and that was really distracting. Oh I guess that's what I get for only really caring about seeing the Furances.

    I cannot beleive that Guardian list. It started off well enough but from the top twenty on I've got serious issued. With all the Britpop artist references you'd thing there would be room of an album on the list? Also where's the Kinks? Still I did find it funny that they seemed to begrudgingly put Dark Side of the Moon on there—I can't stand that record.

    9:53 AM  
    Anonymous Mark said...

    The Fresh Young MikeyD:

    You liked the Lee's show better? I went to that show with 5 people SUPER excited to see FF for the first time live and we all agreed that it was a little dissapointing. They were tight and impressive musically, and yeah Elanor still rocked with a sore throat, but I just wasn't "feeling it."

    I really thought that this was a better set... It impressed me musically and made me want to groove 'n dance. C'est tres important.

    4:26 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Hmmm I kind of found the Furances Dog Day Afternoon set to be the opposite. I thought the Lee's set was tighter and I enjoyed having variety the piano provided. The Dog Day Afterrnoon set was a little too gituar heavy for me. The Furances have such a plethora of intruments and sounds happening in their studio work that guitars, a bass and a drum kit leaves me feeling the song isn't fully realised. That being said it's interesting to hear a more stipped down version of their sound.

    As for the making you want to dance thing I fully understand you. I find that far too shows featue the cooler-than-thou-indie-kids at the front of the stage perfecting their unimpressed looks and crossed-arms-poses. If your going to do that stand further back and let the kids who want to have fun do it up front where they'll have the room by the stage. Besides I'm sure the band would prefer the enthusiasm of the kids dancing up front. Anyway by far the best show I saw that finally got a good majority of the aforementioned cool kids groovin' was Jamie Lidell's show at Lee—Toronto show of the year if not this young century.

    5:33 PM  
    Anonymous Mark said...


    I agree with you 100% about the whole unimpressed indie kids. To be quite honest, I'm somewhat of a jam band fanatic--I've been working the show circut a lot this summer and it shocked me to see so many people standing still to such great tunes. Hippies are like the polar opposite... flailing their arms and bodies in every which way.

    I'm usually dancing like crazy and screaming my lungs out at shows because you know no matter the artist good crowd participation leads to a better show.

    Anyway. I'll have to check out Jamie Lidell!

    12:14 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    ultra8201 - Thanks so much! I'll totally link you up tomorrow! :)

    MikeD - Ahh, well I'm glad you made the most of it (DDA) and were able to enjoy it despite the raging heat! And as for that Guardian article I know its lacking in parts but I generally think its quite well done! I don't know how they forgot the Kinks tho (Good point)!

    Mark - Props for grooving and dancing in the RIDICULOUS HEAT at the show!

    12:44 AM  

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