Thursday, July 13, 2006

just keep moving

  • Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis is trying to trademark the name "Glastonbury" which has the locals all nervous.
  • The Killers new album will be called 'Sam's Town' after a song on the album named after a casino in Las Vegas. The album's due out in October and Tim Burton is rumoured to be directing one of the music videos.
  • The Kooks amazing debut album is getting an American release in October so hopefully that means we'll have a tour to look forward to.
  • The band Travis recently stuck a Post-It Note on their Prime Minister's door.
  • Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody is feeling better and is ready to tour again.
  • Lily Allen may have gone too far by criticising Libertines fans...
  • Claire is awesome for directing me to this awesome Dirty Pretty Things interview in a gay magazine in which Carl Barat encourages slash fiction.
  • Bell Globemedia is buying out CHUM Ltd and a lot of people are losing jobs as a result. Plus now MTV Canada and Muchmusic have the same owner so who knows how that's gonna work.
  • No fucking kidding!
  • Alright, I gotta dash! Why is it that I'm umeployed but always in a rush this week?

    Blogger wonderbug said...

    the kooks cd is coming out in canada (unless there is some information that hasn't come down the pipe yet)

    i think october must be the us release.

    the album is amazing...can't wait for them to do a canadian tour.

    11:33 AM  
    Blogger wonderbug said...

    sorry..i meant the cd is coming out in canada on july 25th.

    11:34 AM  
    Anonymous Claire said...

    Yay! That interview is great, Carl is basically like "I love slash, please write more gay porn about me."

    2:20 PM  
    Anonymous Cory said...

    A radio station here (metro-detroit-area michigan) just played the full killers single, i caught and recorded most of it, its quite good, if i must say

    2:42 PM  
    Anonymous vivaissy said...

    love carl for saying being creative - he is awesome!

    also, can anyone direct me to the motorettes download of relax its the 80s? cheers!

    4:00 PM  
    Blogger Morning Glory said...

    i ♥ carl.
    (and have you seen pete's new haircut?)

    4:40 PM  
    Anonymous Penguin said...

    Holy wow, thats a lot of links/spam/shit....

    12:55 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    wonderbug - Ooh thats great news! Thanks for sharing!

    Claire - That article brought joy and sunshine to my heart!

    Cory - I'll take your work for it... for now :)

    vivaissy - Yeah I'm glad hedoesn't take himself too seriously either! Oh and sorry I cant hook you up - never heard of the song :(

    Morning Glory - I saw Pete's haircut the next day! Looks much better I think!

    Penguin - I know. SOOOO ANNOYING!

    4:32 PM  

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