Monday, July 31, 2006

because weekends matter too

Five Random Things That Were Awesome About This Weekend.

1. Dogs That Appear To Drive Cars.
Dog driving car.
Fucking cute.

2. Don't Be Shy.
Drinking + dancing + Vincent Gallo softcore = a good Friday night.

3. Street performances gone awry.

4. Finding severed monkey arms in the street.
Severed monkey arm.

5. The Weakerthans.
I'd never heard their music in large doses or seen them live before and as a result I was TOTALLY and unexpectedly BLOWN AWAY by their show at Harbourfront Centre on Saturday night! I seriously feel like the biggest idiot for never having listened to them extensively before! Anyway, if you're slow to catch on (like I am) then go listen to "The Reasons" and "My Favourite Chords" because, quite simply, they're brilliant. Oooh and here's a teeny clip of the band performing "My Favourite Chords" that I tried to capture with my cell phone because it was so gorgeous.

Anyway, this list could easily go to 10 but the other 5 would likely relate to the company I kept so to save blushes/embarassment I'll stop here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i first saw the weakerthans back in 01 in guelph it was the most incredible experiance i had yet to .. experiance.

i still remember what that first time was like.

although i never got into the last album, the first two are magic, especially growing up in small town/city ontario.

michael k-

2:58 AM  
Blogger quadb said...

I had prior arrangements and missed the weakerthans show. i love those guys! sucks! great show, 'eh?

7:20 AM  

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