Thursday, August 24, 2006

rehab is the current exclusive music industry hotspot

  • A bunch of British frontmen are all in rehab together. Isn't that kinda counter-productive?
  • An acoustic show by the Kooks almost resulting in a floor collapsing. But, like, it didn't.
  • The Raconteurs will be opening on Bob Dylan on tour this November.
  • Bernard Butler talks to The Guardian about how great guitars are.
  • The Carling Weekend (Reading/Leeds Festivals) goes down this coming weekend. To everyone I know that's going: have a little extra on my behalf.
  • I got my ticket to see Lily Allen! Will I be running into any of youz at the Toronto show?
  • I can't believe I hadn't seen Sarah Silverman's Sidekick commercial until today!?! So great!
  • Misshapes are the guest DJ's at Don't Be Shy tomorrow (Friday) night. Should be good.

    Blogger Janice said...

    I am going to Lily Allen too! Maybe I will see you there!

    I still cannot get over the fact that Keane dude is in rehab...nevermind the fact that he is in rehab w/ Pete Doherty & Justin Hawkins!

    10:41 PM  
    Anonymous ian said...

    i am surprised the frontman from keane didn't check himself into rehab for having too much sex with the 40-something year old women his form seems to attract.

    11:51 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yo snakes @ the drake, boo. worst song ever.

    whats up cu u at lily. she will be mine. oh yes, she will be mine.

    michael k

    3:58 AM  

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