Sunday, September 10, 2006

how was it for you?

  • So how was Toronto's first Virgin Festival this weekend? I'm curious as to how it all went down. All I've heard thus far is that a lot of people were pissed that The Flaming Lips headlining performance last night was cut short - what's that about?
  • Arab Strap announced they're splitting last Friday.
  • Keane have officially cancelled all their US/Canada tour dates.
  • Pete Doherty wants to marry in a soccer stadium.
  • Obligatory I love YouTube post #84830.

    Anonymous Stuart Pearson said...

    The main stage was running about 30 mins late all day long, and by the time the Flaming Lips came on, it was 10:35pm. They did their thing and it was utterly transcendent, but then at about 11:00pm Captain America, on of the roadies, came up and told Wayne that they had to stop. People (myself included) got angry, and decided to stay put and yell a lot. Wayne came back on and gave a feeble sorry/goodbye, although it wasn't his fault. Apparently there's an 11:00pm curfew on the islands. This made people angrier, and they camped out for longer until people realised that it was kind of cold and it might be better to just get on the ferry. While waiting for the ferry one guy actually busted a flagpole and lowered a Virgin flag. The crowd wanted him to burn it and send it back up the pole in flames, but it didn't happen. Disappointing that it finished so soon, but it was great while it lasted...

    7:36 PM  
    Blogger peter said...

    re: laid back
    "Over and Over" by Hot Chip

    9:29 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Stuart - Aw thats such a shame! I'm glad you had a good time regardless tho!

    Peter - THANK YOU!!!

    9:48 PM  
    Blogger pete said...

    Not sure if you saw my V Fest blog, but same deal as what stuart was saying...but on the ferry back, some dude was asking me and my friends questions, like "What could we do better", "Would you come back next year", etc etc. turns out he's the president of Virgin (not Sir Richard, haha). Altho i never saw a business card, but he had all this VIP stuff and knew a lot of stuff some hack wouldn't know.


    PS Muse fuckin' ruled.

    10:26 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    On Sunday, they adjusted the times on the mainstage to be about half an hour EARLY... I almost missed Thrice because of it.

    Somehow, they still ended up rushing the later sets. Raconteurs appeared to play longer than they needed to, and took an unnecessary bow after their set. Broken Social Scene was stuck with an hour headlining set, and they didn't really look enthused... sure they made the motions and a little effort, and they rocked out alright... but it still felt odd.

    In a way, I'm glad Massive Attack weren't there... to see them rush through an hour set would have been a major disappointment. Hopefully they'll return to play a full length set at a cozier venue.

    Well, that's my two-cents.


    10:51 AM  
    Blogger quadb said...

    OK, that Ben Affleck thing is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life! What's with that guy?

    6:57 PM  

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