Thursday, September 07, 2006

one drink is more than enough to get me drunk

  • The big news today is Paris Hilton was arrested for drunk driving. I love how they try to make it okay like it was "just one margarita" but I'm pretty sure I weight 134385 lbs. more than Paris Hilton and last Friday night I was totally drunk from one margarita (they're like 28oz people) so that's hardly an excuse. ANYWAY, here are some pictures (thanks to Ryan).
  • Arctic Monkeys are donating their Mercury Prize money to charity! Even the guy who left the band agreed to it! I'm impressed!
  • Massive Attack have pulled out of V-fest because the band couldn't get U.S. immigration visas. I'm almost relieved because I was tempted to buy a ticket solely to see them!
  • Ian McCulloch of Echo And The Bunnymen has been charged with assault. Apparently he was none-too-kind to some fans backstage.
  • Tim Burton is directing The Killers next video.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I haven't seen much doherty news from you in awhile. Here's a pretty interesting article

    1:04 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Anonymous - Thanks I'll post that link tomorrow!

    9:50 PM  

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