Friday, October 06, 2006

sometimes i lie

  • Snow Patrol owe Grey's Anatomy a thank you card! Speaking of, did anyone hear Lily Allen, The Pipettes and teeny bit of Regina Spektor's in last night's episode? I was in TV heaven!
  • I forgot to mention earlier this week that Morrissey has announced two shows around Christmastime in Manchester. Sigh. I remember when I used to be cool and go see Moz in Manchester... back before he hated Canada.
  • Stereogum said The Killers were "actually funny" on Kimmel. I wouldn't know cos I'm a square that goes to bed by 10!
  • This link is pretty much the only reason I bothered posting today. Just thought it was funny.



    Anonymous kristin said...

    I thought I heard The Pipettes on Grey's. I didn't catch Lily, though.

    8:24 PM  

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