Monday, February 14, 2005

Alone we stand, together we fall apart.
  • Britney Spears opens her yap about Valentine's Day and various other things that bore me.
  • X-tina's engaged.
  • Bloc Party's debut album Silent Alarm drops today! You can get a taste of all the tracks over at the band's official site.
  • The Stills released my favourite song by them as a single! Dig the new video for "Love And Death". Highly apprpriate for V-day.
  • Zuton's buzz over at Chart. Did anyone see them open for Keane last night?
  • Stereogum has compiled a shetload of free music for your fine ass!
  • Last night's Grammy's were a pile of shit (as usual) and don't deserve to be talked about... with the exception of Jamie Foxx singing, Franz Ferdinand being brilliant (looking fantastic), Jack White accepting the award with Loretta Lynn, and Joss Stone blowing everyones minds.
  • Kate Moss officially dumped Pete Doherty.
  • You gotta be careful when out playing in the underwater "gnome garden"! On another note, why would anyone want to go in a lake named Wastwater which makes me think "waste-water" which I imagine as being filled with poop? Regardless, thanks to Richard for the awesome link. I do love me some garden gnomes.
  • I want My Old Kentucky Blog to be my fucked-up, blog-style Valentine.
  • Hilarious text message insight over at Torontoist.

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