Friday, May 27, 2005

chewbacca appreciation post

  • I'm watching Chewbacca host a Behind The Scenes special. Its the best thing I've seen in ages. He should host everything on the E! channel.
  • MMVA nominees and performers have been announced. The shit goes down on June 19th.
  • Chris Martin joined Stevie Wonder onstage in New York to perform "Superstition". It was all for a good cause naturally.
  • The Vicar has Jeff Buckley covering "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" and other Smiths covers.
  • Pete Doherty talked to the press about Kate Moss some more.
  • I love XFM so I'm super-excited about Ricky Gervais returning to the XFM studio tomorrow! Should be a good laugh. Check out some exclusive webcam footage.
  • Twiggy is set to replace Janice Dickenson as a judge on America's Next Top Model next season. Oh how I'll miss Janice.
  • The Modern Age addresses a rule I definately insist on following...
  • You might be lucky enough to see me at RunTO on Sunday followed by Kaiser Chiefs at The Mod Club.
  • Oh and I promise at lease one more post before I go...

    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Oh that Pete Doherty! I'm glad he's happily in love and actually clean 'cause this time last year I figured Pete wasn't gonna make it to see another. My fav. part of that article was when he said, "Kate's my rock. Not my rock of crack though!" Now that's a sense of humour. Here’s hoping things with Kate continue to go well ‘cause if that’s the case a Libertines reunion can’t be that far away.

    7:49 PM  

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