Thursday, June 02, 2005

It’s not rock and roll unless it’s plagiarised

Geri, Honey, supermarket CD signings? You’re so much better than that. My gosh, you used to be a UN Ambassador of Good Will. At least hold out for a mall tour!

It’s not all bad news for Geri, apparently Sir Bob himself said if they can get their shit together
the Spice Girls will perform at Live 8.

Although we love the now overplayed Somebody Told Me and Mr. Brightside for sheer glitzy danceable bombast you really gotta wonder what the Killers are thinking these days. Is
plagiarising Oasis in a tribute song really the wisest career move? I can’t wait for Liam to pan the song! At least the boys redeemed themselves by turning down the closing gig at Glasto for not being worthy enough.

Go head over to
You Ain’t No Picassso right now! Not just because Matt happens to be Rock Snob’s other blog boyfriend but, because he’s got the Decemberists covering the Smiths’ Ask, which you know my Dharling Rock Snob would most defs approve of. Dodge gets a little link love yesterday and Matt gets some today—it’s almost like the lady never left.

It appears J.J. Abrams didn’t pull that whole Alias plot premise of
spying-for-the-C.I.A.-while-in-university out of his ass…or just maybe somebody in Langley, VA has a giant crush on Jennifer Garner.

You may have read that Chris Martin wants that
little frog dead on his dinner plate in a nice beurre blanc. Apparently so does its creator—hey you created the mess now you gotta live with it. Chris, dude, even though your single is just ordinary we love how you’re taking this with a good sense of humour. The part about the frog doing drugs and the big entourage is a little cliché, but the covering his song bit is gold. But seriously, what’s with the plagiarism talk again? Clearly I must have missed the secret rock star society meeting where plagiarism was named the new cowbell.

Pete buddy, you know we love you but, if
this report is true you best be getting out that serenading voice, practicing that puppy dog face, grabbing a nice bouquet and apologising to Kate ‘cause lord know you can’t crash at Denise’s place. But Denise, shouldn’t you be more worried about your own love life?

If you've ever stopped by
Dodge's for some mp3s please visit again and/or give him some kind thoughts and prayers in this difficult time for him and his family.


Blogger Daphne said...

Hey MikeD
Thanks for picking up where Rock Snob left off!

7:10 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

No probs Daphne, I'm glad people are actually still reading it, let alone throwing me the occasional bit of praise.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

You're doing quite well :)

(and I'm not just saying that because you sent people my way lol)

1:29 AM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Thanks muchly Matt. I strive to please and I'm glad I'm coming close for some people. No probs for the link love 'twas well earned. 'Sides it was a Smiths cover and I think Rock Snob would disown me if I didn't take care of her readers with that one. I will most certainly continue to send people your way as I take special care of Rock Snob's blog boyfriends 'cause I'm classy like that.

8:09 AM  

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