Friday, July 08, 2005

love is the drug

  • ... and the death toll rises..."
  • Respect to all the bands who cancelled and postponed gigs that were set to happen in London last night. They did the right thing.
  • Hey CBC, not the best timing on your choice of movie last night. Don't get me wrong, "Last Night" might be my favourite Canadian film of all time but airing a movie about the apocalypse on the same day as a terrorist bombing is a little, er, dodgy... Plus that movie always makes me cry... Damn you...
  • Stream all Live 8 performances HERE! DO IT NOW! It's a brilliant (Canadian) resource for people like me who couldn't sit in front of a TV all day!
  • Pete's ex girlfriend Katie has some advice for Kate Moss... She must be bitter (and with good reason).
  • Q and Not U are breaking up but I dont care because I don't like them.
  • Chart reviews Aqualung in Toronto.
  • Jeff Davis is a fascist. (The previous statement will only be funny to people that attended high school with me back when I first made that controversial claim.)
  • Toronto kids might be interested in this Fringe Festival blog (even if it comes from the National Post). Fringe is on now til the 17th... There's so much going on in the city this weekend so get out there!
  • Perez Hilton has a new home!
  • Ashlee Simpson is hott.. but now in a dirrty X-tina kinda way.
  • Disturbing Lindsay Lohan Diet Game!
  • Oh and for the record I don't think Britney's expecting twins... I think she's just enjoying getting fat.

    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    Katie Lewis sure does come off as the bitter ex in her advice to Kate Moss. It really is bad form to talk ill of your ex like that, especially in the press. Yes, you may have had a bad relationship, but that doesn't mean your ex is necessarily behaving the same way with a new lover. She really shouldn't be saying anything unless Kate Moss asks for her opinion 'cause there’s no doubt she's just not privy to the details of Pete and Moss' relationship—thus she woefully uninformed. Besides even if Kate did ask for advice it's still tacky to make public comments like she did.

    That being said I kind of feel bad for the poor girl if the details of the Lisa Moorish fling Pete had went exactly as she said they did. On one hand I feel like saying if you knew he was being unfaithful to you why'd did you continue the relationship for so long. But then again when you're in love you'll do almost anything. So Katie Lewis I fell for you dear and I heart the song you surely inspired but next time don’t take your relationship issues with Pete to the press.

    Thanks muchly for the Live 8 performance links. As expected, Pete and Elton were magical. I wish I could’ve been there just for that. I also would've liked if they put Petey a little higher up in the mix ‘cause I had a little trouble hearing him, but what can you do. Also thank gosh somebody at AOL had the good sense to put the stream in glorious Quicktime.

    Lastly, Chart got the Aqualung show spot on. Matt Hales and his tour band are some funny guys who play some great raw and heartfelt tunes. But man alive after looking ‘round did I wish my plus one was a special someone. That’s not to say that my plus one wasn’t great company but this concert would have been even better with a lover.


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