Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hello sunshine come into my life

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme court made a very poor decision on peer-to-peer networks. I can’t understand how they’d allow the network operators to be held liable for copyright infringement that its users commit? If people commit fraudulent activities over the phone the telcos. aren’t liable for any shady activities that their customers might commit. In both cases the telcos and the network operators just provide the technology; what users do with it is up to them. Now I’m not saying anyone who creates a product/technology should be immune from liability for consequences of using its product, but in this case the court already had an existing precedent for similar situation and it completely ignored it.

Michael Eavis shares his thoughts on this year’s Glasto. Crime (excluding drug busts) was down. But the big news is he’s saying Bloc Party, the Kaisers and Razorlight will possibly headline in the near future (possibly even next year).

Chart has an interview with Four Tet on his new sound and it starts with a wicked anecdote about how his sound checks take less than a minute. Soundmen of the world rejoice and if you’re gonna take a sick day we suggest you don’t do it during Kieran Hebden’s show.

Passing out during spinning class sounds something every girl who’s following a routine healthy diet and exercise would do. Sarcasm aside we’re worried Lindsay, so much so that we’ll glad fix you up a big honking dinner. Yes we can cook, just ask our surrogate sister Célina for a reference.

Harry Shearer, who played
Derek Smalls in This is Spinal Tap, was floored at the recent news that Liam Gallagher thought they were a real band. Frankly, so were we. Now we know the brothers Gallagher aren’t going to get an invite into MENSA anytime soon but, this story may be the dumbest thing we’ve heard their names associated with. Bless our boys for being entertaining, stupid, but entertaining.

Head on over to
You Ain’t No Picasso ‘cause Matt’s got a live cut off the upcoming Super Furry Animals album, accompanied with information on the upcoming disc.

This is long overdue. A one Ms. Monika
Bullette, took the time to ask if we could review her album the Secrets. Although we normally don’t do much in the way of that, we couldn’t refuse her request after she asked us so sweetly—‘sides she a Holly Golightly fan. Overall we’re really liking the record. The songs tend to be about the singular theme longing for and losing love. As far as a singular theme that’s a pretty good choice ‘cause there’s enough relatable subject matter to avoid the case of the dreaded sameness. But what makes the Secrets so refreshing is that there’s a great variety musically to augment the usual gentle guitar strumming and soft vocal delivery that you might expect. Now things don’t fly all over the place like a Fiery Furnaces record, but there’s still a good breadth of instrumentation and enough hook changes to keep things interesting. Little Bird makes good use of the underrated technique of whistling, Lemonade sees her deliver some raw vocals in the role of seductress, and it also makes good use of the sax. But, we like Bullette best when she’s rockin’ out like on the album opener Show Me. As far more competent people than us have pointed out if there’s one major criticism, it’s that many of songs (see Uneasy) seem a little drawn out. But, still, there’s no doubt Bullette’s a true unsigned talent that record reps should be fighting to woo. Until then we suggest do the save as thing and grab Show Me ‘cause we have a feeling we still be rockin’ that tune and her album come years end.

We heart Franz Ferdinand not only ‘cause of their dance floor stormers, but because our lads from Glasgow are good bunch of romantic boys.
Apparently Sir Bob came a calling to try and convince drummer Nick McCarthy to move his wedding date so the band could play Live 8. Sir Bob even had the audacity to try and talk to Nick’s fiancée. The manager and the rest of the band shielded Bob from what was sure to be a right tongue lashing and politely declined his request ‘cause they’re classy like that.

This gossipy tidbit is as unreliable as they come. But if there’s a skosh bit of truth in it, you’ll find us crying in our pillows, creating voodoo dolls in Zach Braff’s likeness and watching old episodes of the O.C. denying there’s any trouble with our dear Sethummer. Hey! Wait a minute, scratch the above sentence. If the gossip is true that means we’ve got a shot with Rachel Bilson! Sorry, kids but we gotta go now and put into action our plan to charm Ms. Summer Roberts herself.


Blogger Matt said...

Thanks for the link love. I wish I could post their new song Lazer Beam...but you know how it is ;)

8:39 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

You're very welcome for the link love 'twas a good post. I totally understand about the lack of laser beam; lawsuits are not cool. Thank you for the comment love.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Karl said...

The Grokster decision is not as bad as you may think. The press often botches coverage of the Supreme Court; this was no exception. Check No Rock and Roll Fun for further explanation.

1:00 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Karl thanks for the correction. I doesn't seem as bad as the wire services (and by extension I) made it out to be. I kind of feel for those journalists 'cause they often have to write a story on a tight dealine and have little expertise on how to make sense of a complex legal decision. Still that's no excuse for not providing the proper context from experts like Geist.

1:17 PM  

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