Monday, June 13, 2005

Mother One Track Mind

Our friends at Chart posted their report card for the NxNE performances, so even if you didn’t go you can sound like you did.

Chart also tells us
the Futureheads are planning to record a new album in January after they finish touring. Apparently recording the last one was none to easy on the band, so here’s hoping Glasses and they rest of the boys get a break ‘cause they deserve it.

File this one under unsurprising; a massive amount of people apparently bought this
X & Y album by some band called Coldplay and get this, it debuts at number one. Snarkastic remarks aside, Chris Martin and co. still couldn’t knock that Crazy Frog off the top of the singles chart—proving once again that Clocks: the Sequel wasn’t the best single choice.

Sir Bob rubbished Damon’s comments that the Live 8 line up was too WASP McWASP. He said that global popularity and sales were the only factors considered ‘cause the concerts are about getting people to pay attention. After reading that it confirmed to us that Sir Bob just doesn’t get it. Although we agree that a star-studded roster gets attention, surely it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite some African artists to an event that aims to raise the profile of issues affecting African countries.

Speaking of Live 8, our favourite boys from Leeds,
the Kaiser Cheifs, are a skosh bit nervous about the size of the audience they’ll have in Philly. We heart that the boys are humbled to have been asked to participate, especially Ricky who would gladly have worked the coat check if asked.

a fellow blogger is reporting that Lohan will poses for Playboy. No it’s not Lindsay, but rather her mom Dina. Although we’ve heard reports before, we think this defs settles where Lohan gets it from (provided this report is true, of course).


Anonymous Célina said...

Hey Mike!
Good job on the gossip there.... And to think that before I met you, I really had no idea who Lindsay Lohan was. What's the word on her being an anorexic?

12:29 PM  
Anonymous BJ said...

I'm with her on this one MikeD, Your doing a fine job.
Keep it up and i'll keep reading.

7:08 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Happy days. Comment love from two of my favourite people and in the same post too! BJ and Célina I'm glad you are diggin' Rock Snob while I'm behind the helm, even though my rendition is vastly inferior to Miss Valerie's. Nonetheless that's never stopped me from trying to entertain and win the affection of others so I'll keep on top of things.

Célina, I cannot believe you haven't heard of the infamous Lindsay Lohan before meeting me. Her antics are even more legendary than her once ample bosom! As per Miss Lohan withering away, tabloids are speculating that the rapid weight loss is from pharmaceuticals—both the prescription and recreational kind. Lindsay claims it's come from diet and exercise. I'm not quite sure what to believe, but I do know she needs to put back on some weight because she plays the part of buxom beauty much better than gaunt starlet.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Célina said...

I'd heard her name before, but it didn't mean anything to me... no face for the name and no movie list or anything like that to associate to her. But now things are very different!!

11:59 AM  

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