Thursday, June 09, 2005

Raised on a diet of broken biscuits

Wanna be like Kevin Federline and get yourself your own celebrity sugar mommy/daddy? E! tells you which upcoming Hottie McHotterson you should start stalking before she/he makes it big. We’re quite shocked that Kid Rock’s sister looks surprisingly good—do consider who your brother-in-law will be before you rush into anything. Since you can’t have Paris herself, E!'s implying that a $200,000-trust-fund-Paris-wannabe would be desirable. We recommend you ignore that horrid line of thought 'cause we know you're much better than that.

Speaking of Paris, you can buy her some classier barware now that somebody
registered the Parises at Tiffany & Co.

We weren’t huge fans of Renee Zellweger’s husband Kenny Chesney when we first heard the news of their marriage. But now were loving him.
He’s convinced her to throw a little weight on her frame ‘cause he, like us, likes his woman not to disappear when he tries to hold her. It’s a noble goal but Renee gonna need to throw on more than five lbs. for that to happen. Here’s hoping Lindsay Lohan finds her own Kenny Chesney and fast.

this is cute and smart but they just don’t have the same appeal as the Free Winona tees.

Geri, Hun, you really need some better representation—just fire us an email and we’ll be happy to help.
Who the heck mistakes Geri for Kylie?

Our buddy
Pete Doherty told XFM the Babyshambles album tentatively titled Up The Morning is done. Fuck Forever will be the first single followed closely by Albion. We can’t wait to hear the new album as Pete’s calling it his best work “by a long shot.” Still it wasn’t all good news. Pete broke our hearts for the second time this week by calling the Libertines “the most manufactured band ever” and Strokes clones. Although we wish Pete all the best, we’re pulling for respectable but lower than anticipated sales. If it all works out as we envision Pete comes back to Carl with his tail between his legs and a Libertines reunion is inevitable. Just 'cause Rock Snob would disown me if it didn't mention it, much boy-touching will ensue.

Although the link's headline promises much rock star drams between Pete and Liam, it turns out it's just Liam being Liam. Now we love Liam ‘cause his ego knows no bounds but we love Kate even more for
putting his would-be-homewreaking-arse in its place. We knew there was a reason why we loved her and Pete together. Still is it just us or did anyone else just not get WTF Pete was thinking with his reaction.

Lastly, fan site Franz has
new material from our favourite boys from Glasgow. You can get a sneak peak at what they’ve been recording for the new album thanks to some sweet bootlegged tracks of the recent Moscow show; just click here and then point the cursor to the audio section. We really like You Can Have It So Much Better, with I’m Your Villain coming a close second. While you’re in the audio section we highly recommend you grab the amazing acoustic cover of Pulp’s Mis-Ships and some remixes of the Franz’s back catalogue of dance floor stormers.


Blogger Rock Snob said...

Loves the FREE KATIE and Babyshambles news.


PS: Im in fair Verona - youd love it here.

11:09 AM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Thanks again for the comment love. You know I'll keep you informed on anything Pete related.

But more importantly it sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Italy. So it seems like you'll have no problem keeping up your end of our little arrangement by having plenty of anecdotes to regale me with.

11:56 PM  

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