Monday, June 06, 2005

See, it’s not that hard is it? Ah…it is.

Hey kiddies thanks for all the comment love this weekend, it’s nice to know you’re digin’ what I’m dishin’. By the way if you’ve got a story that would fit wonderfully in Rock Snob I’d love for you to throw it my way—you’ll get some credit love as a reward. So don’t be shy ‘cause all the contact info’s hither. Now back to business…

It’s official,
Basement Jaxx are replacing Kylie at Glasto. We’re kind of indifferent about the announcement ‘cause no one can replace Kylie but, stylistically it’s sort of a fitting choice. Nonetheless we're happy the duo was able to show those execs at Astralwerks what brilliant move it was to drop them.

We heart t.a.T.u. Where else in the pop world are you going to find a group whose entire marketing strategy is ‘Hey you! Watch us kiss; we’re pseudo-lesbian Russian schoolgirls. Oh and after you’re done staring don’t forget to buy our record, okay’? Besides ‘All the Things She Said’ is a pop gem. Well if you can sift through this poorly translated news bite it appears that
the girls are back and up to the same old shenanigans. Apparently they have a new album coming out and criminally underrated producer Trevor Horn has got a hand it. Needless to say we can’t wait.

You thought that
Onion article on razors was purely humourous fiction. Well it appears Schick gave Gillette notice that ‘the razor war are on now, bitch!’

We love
M.I.A.’s m.o. of socially relevant lyrics over Diplo’s Congo to Colombo dance beats, which is why we think this lawsuit is bull jive. I’d love to believe him when he says it’s not about the money ‘cause I understand the need for an artist to protect him/herself from possible confusion. But I’m just not buying it in this case ‘cause dude’s band broke up long ago and if you're looking for music from one artist you ain’t gonna confuse one for the other. Pfft to that Google search argument ‘cause M.I.A. may be a lot of things musically, but punk really ain’t one of them.

Our girl Lindsay’s fighting back the American way by takin’ the
paparazzo to court after he allegedly ran his van into her Mercedes on purpose. If she wins, here’s hoping any damages she’s awarded aren’t in money, but rather in In and Out Double Doubles. We also love the irony that Lindsay’s off to court tomorrow to defend herself against claims that she caused two men injuries in a car accident last year. Just a bit of advice Linds, if it’s going poorly just claim you zoned back to the set of Fully Loaded. If that doesn’t work try flashin’ the judge the goods.

Although we love Paris Hilton for her antics, ability to sell anything and her catch phrase, she needs some help in the 'who to befriend' department. Apparently, new best friend
Kim Stewart let the secret out that the Paris squared union will happen this summer. She then did an atrocious job trying to cover it up by saying “I'm not saying anything. Mom's the word." “Mom’s the Word”, Kim? Who says that?

Lastly, as if providing the slinky pop tune ‘Some Girls’ didn’t make us already love
Rachel Stevens, now she’s gone and done this sexy advert [NSFW] for the very worthy Everyman Campaign. Enjoy ;)


Blogger Rock Snob said...

You rule at life MikeD. I miss you!

12:26 PM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Awww thanks Luv, the feeling is very much mutual. I am most certainly counting the days till you get back.

2:09 PM  

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