Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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Remember how we told you about how Lindsay Lohan didn’t let the sisters Simpson into her post MTV Movie Awards bash, but all was resolved when Lindsay apologised an hour later at another party? Well apparently that may not be the case. Papa Simpson allegedly called all the big celeb magazines and talked smack about Lindsay. But the kicker is Papa Simpson insisted on being quoted as either anonymous or one of Lohan’s lackeys. We’re loving this new celeb feud, but we too wish Papa Lohan was finished his sentence so he could respond. Can you imagine that fight? Although Papa Lohan may have experience from his assault conviction and jail time, Papa Simpson got's God on his side from his days as a Baptist minister.

We love Megan Mullally because not only his her character character Karen a personal idol but she’s even willing to do crazy stuff in real life like
groping Debra Messing’s boobies at an awards show.

Paris Hilton’s planning on an early retirement by swapping Hollywood for motherhood in two years. The socialite, who only plays a “dumb blond” on TV ‘cause it's funny and good for her brand, doesn’t “enjoy going out anymore,” posing for pictures and schmoozing-it-up. Say it ain’t so Paris! Say it ain’t so! You’ve broken our little hearts:(

Ananova’s given us hope though, by claiming that our own
Lindsay Lohan is the new Paris. Still we’re a little skeptical after Disney was able to convince her to stop partying for Fully Loaded. But now that filming is long over we’re counting on our girl to make us proud and say “Paris, who?”

We know it’s been mainly bad news on the celeb front today, but
Kathy Hilton’s given us hope that our dream of a Paris Nicole reunion and a Simple Life 3. While we're dreaming we ask that Lindsay Lohan join the cast as well.

Reader Rollo May corrected us with
this, which seems to indicate Oasis, not Blur, won the Britpop war on the criteria of sales. We still stand by our statement because Blur would not pull this kind of amateur tantrum on their fans. Although Blur is on hiatus until Mr. Coxon comes to the realization that he should go back to where he’s loved best, Blur's public spat is still far cry from this kind of juvenile behaviour.


Blogger rollo may said...

but doesn't the world love the juvenile behavior of the gallagher brothers? it's like the lohan-simpson feud with a soundtrack. ;)

10:08 AM  
Blogger Punk is Dead said...

Based on talent and future credibility (i.e. the band that will be remembered most 50 years from now), I shall opine that neither Blur nor Oasis "won" the "Britpop war." In fact, this title should go to Radiohead, whom many people seem to forget released one of the finest guitar rock albums ever (The Bends), smack in the middle of the whole Oasis/Blur popularity thing. Nor should we forget the stunningly underrated Catherine Wheel, who also recorded some great British rock during the early/mid '90s.

10:46 AM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Rollo May, there's no doubt the sheer redonkulousnes that comes out of the mouths of the Brothers Gallagher is entertaining—that's why we cover it here. Unfortunately, sometimes that puts me off listening to their music. That being said the couple of listens I've had of Don't Believe the Truth have impressed.

Punk is Dead, I have to admit I forgot The Bends. That's probably due to my indifference for everything Radiohead has put out since; they are a great band but for whatever reason I just can’t get into them. I still think Blur will be remembered as the definitive Britpop band. They probably have the most consistent catalogue, a fair amount of success and also a good amount of variety without straying too far from the Britpop like Radiohead did. That’s why I think Radiohead will be remembered as the most important band to come into prominence at that time but I don’t think they’ll be remembered as Britpop or for the Bends. Yes you're completely right about Catherine Wheel.

1:59 PM  

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