Thursday, June 16, 2005

She’s got savior faire

Damon gets results. The organisers of Live 8 have decided to put on a concert only for African artists. Although we applaud the move, African artists have been relegated to Cornwall and are playing at the same time as the London show. We’d have much preferred an arrangement that had African artists playing along side artists from North America and Europe at the various shows, but nonetheless this is still a positive development. Kudos for having Peter Gabriel and Womad involved too.

The Live 8 event in Canada is happening and we’ll hear about it today. Despite earlier reports it won’t happen in Ottawa. We can’t stop you from clicking the above link but, we will warn you that there’s nothing else worth reading in the article.
the concert will be in Toronto. As if there was any other resonable choice. No word yet on the roster.

What is it with Britsh rockers wanting to work with American rappers? First it was the Kanye and Franz love fest, and now Leeds' pride and joy,
the Kaiser Cheifs, want 50 Cent to perform on stage with them. Luckily we don’t have to ponder that train wreak, 'cause 50 proceeded to crush their dreams by pulling out of the event; it conflicts with the filming of his autobiographical film.

Our love for Pete knows no bounds. After Liam went on his tiraid about about Pete’s drug addiction and got the meaning of libertine wrong,
Doherty took him aside, with dictionary in hand, to correct him.

Since we missed we missed our daily recommended intake of Lindsay Lohan news yesterday, all y'all are getting bunches of it today.

Lindsay claims she eats “a lot.” We have trouble believing that, although we do note that she neglects to mention exactly what it is that she eats a lot of.

Our girl also has a major beef with
the paparazzi not catching her when she’s wearing her killer ensembles. The example highlighted by the fashionista and her entourage was when paparazzi didn’t use pictures of her wearing a lowcut Anna Mollinari with pink hearts, black leggings and moccasin boots. Lindsay, Honey, we’d say you we lucky they didn’t use those pictures because nobody should ever wear leggings in public, especially not with moccasin boots.

We’re skeptical about a
movie titled Bad Girls, which pits Hilary Duff against real life rival Lindsay Lohan, but then again anything’s possible after hell froze over last week and if this is any indication it continues to stay frozen.

Remember how we told all y'all that Lindsay Lohan and co. were teaming up with the LAPD in the fight against the epidemic of aggressive paparazzi? Well, our girl and her team of super-celebs have won their first battle.
US Weekly announced it will no longer buy pictures when photographers get a little irresponsible taking them. We aren’t sure how they’ll define that broad statement, but we’re guessing it’ll be quite flexible and will change to accommodate just how exclusive and juicy the pics are.

Lastly, even if Lindsay is toning down her partying, fighting the pappazzi and is looking quite gaunt
there’s hope for the next generation.


Anonymous Célina said...

Wonderful update on Lohan my dear!
Can't wait to hang out and eat Pad Thai!!

11:57 AM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

Thanks Sis I felt I let everyone down yesterday without some LiLo news so I decided I needed to over compensate.
Yes, this weekend promises to be memorable. They'll be good company, good food and good drink.

5:21 PM  

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