Friday, June 24, 2005

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Apparently Lindsay's being removed from the Fully Loaded posters ‘cause the new post-puberty-diet-and-exercise Lohan bears no resemblance to the film’s hot buxom redhead. Naturally, she none too pleased, especially ‘cause she wasn’t told about it. We suggest she stops fretting and gets down to celebrating those multiple birthdays so we’ve got some shenanigans to write about on Monday.

Ricky Gervais of The Office fame has
some teaser trailers from his new series Extras, we suggest you check out what the funny man’s been up to.

Apparently, when the apocalypse comes we can’t count on those
vegans and veggies to repopulate the earth.

Speaking of the end of the earth…my gosh, I think we all need to band together and pray for our Dharling Rock Snob. First,
Ryan Adams cancels their date on her and now it’s gone old-testament-style-biblical on our poor girl. That’s right a river bursting and a torrent of rain have caused some bands, including new it band the Subways, sets to be rescheduled and in some cases canceled. But rest assured Michael Evais, the festival’s organizer assures the NME that everything will be alright. Speaking of the NME, we’re holding them personally responsible for this mess. After assuring us the festival weather would be beautiful they took it back and said it might be a little rainy—well it’s more than a skosh bit wet when people's backpacks are drifting away. Our advice is to the NME is that they should get back to doing what they do best, hyping bands before they actually accomplish anything.

Now, for some happy news amongst all this gloom. Perez Hilton brought smiles to our faces when he reported that
Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton may soon be friends again ‘cause there’s pressure to get them back together for a Simple Life 4. It’s too early to ask for Lohan to join, isn’t it?

Renee we love you more and more everyday.
A more curvaceous figure and a “raunchy photo shoot” —that Kenney Chesney’s a lucky man.

It must be a some sort of Kabbalist tradition or something ‘cause Britney wants to pull a Demi Moore and do
the nude pregnant cover shot for Life & Style. The only hitch is that Brit’s gotta stay in shape. If you’ve seen all those photos of her walking around double-fisting those Venti Frappuccinos you gotta wonder if she’ll be anywhere close to Demi shape when the photo’s gets taken.

Punk is Dead was kind enough to provide us with a link to a trailer of Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown. Even if you aren’t a fan you have to admit that man really knows how to use a soundtrack, unlike Zach Braff in that glorified mix tape fest everyone was fawning over last year. That’s right we didn’t like Garden State.

We’re all for protesting so you can correct the slights, stupidity and injustices of the world, but man alive sometimes you gotta shake your head at what people are using their energy for. Is it really worth
possibly losing your job to get Tom Connors on the bill for Live 8?

This is a little out of the ordinary for us, but loyal reader Melissa alerted us to a troubling story about Zach. He came out to his parents and they subsequently sent him to this fundamentalist Christian ‘camp’ that 'treats' “addictive behaviors, such as promiscuity, alcohol & drug addiction and homosexuality.” Naturally he’s having the worst time of his life. We’re generally pretty secular and don’t get into religious debates or judgment ‘cause there’s a heck of a lot of arguments, violence and killing that gets done in the name of religion. Setting aside out personal beliefs that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, we can’t condone forcing somebody to undergo a “treatment” for something that studies have shown is genetic. Although some think that’s contentious, it's hard to argue that forcing somebody to undergo a treatment comes darn close to violating basic human rights (I said close because minors don’t have full rights). Anyway, if you’d like to read more or help out all the relevant links and info are

Now for my local kids…here’s what’s happenin’.

Toronto’s Pride Week finishes this weekend so you know the area surrounding Church St. will be a nonstop party, especially on Sunday’s parade.

Final Fantasy plays the Music Gallery on Sat.

It’s supposed to be a hot one so we suggest you cool off with the indie rock music of the beer world—microbrewed beer. You can sample some of
Ontario’s best in the Distillery District on Sat. and Sun.

On Sunday there’s a big show on Olympic Island with the likes of Broken Social Scene, Metric, and most importantly the excellent
Keren Ann. Yes, we’re well aware we left Modest Mouse off that list, but we’re just so damn sick of tha Float On song unless it’s the Kidz Bop Kids’ version; we’re still all over that! Yes, their old stuff is darn good but still.

As always enjoy the weekend kiddies and happy pride!


Blogger Punk is Dead said...

Mike, thanks for your continued boosterism for my humble 20-hit-a-day web log.

And to those who care, I remain eager to please (by providing semi-interesting cultural information on a fairly regular basis).

1:20 AM  
Blogger Ned Hepburn said...

okie dokie

i just started my own mp3 blog MAI68. can you help me out with redesigning it? even just the colors of the links and stuff.

also ive been reading your site for a while now and i think its awesome. yeah. i do. ♥n

6:38 AM  
Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

No problem Punk is Dead. You sir are too modest. You've got consistently good content, so when we think our dear readers would enjoy some of it we'll throw traffic your way.

Ned, I'd love to help you out, but I don't have a clue on how to tweak these Blogger templates. I basically just know how to post and if you look at post posts I'm not too good at it either. Rock Snob's able to do this thing where she makes the font smaller and I haven't a clue how she does it. Perhaps one of our dear readers checking out the comments can help you.

11:48 AM  

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