Tuesday, November 08, 2005

steal my records

  • Embrace have finished their new album 'Exploding Machines' and it's free of shit singles written by Chris Martin.
  • Richard Ashcroft's playing a comeback gig in London this December.
  • Ray Davies is releasing a solo EP and then a solo album.
  • Watch video of Ryan Adams playing "Come Pick Me Up" on Letterman a few days ago. Damn that's a good song. (Link from Scenestars)
  • The Vicar has made a post about my beloved Emiliana Torrini. I recommend you check out the XFM session version of "Heartstopper". She's so lovely.
  • Kate Moss quitting the London party life? I doubt it!
  • Okay, Kate Moss isn't solely responsible for this mess... London loves the coke! (Link from Modern Laundry)
  • Holy shit! I need to see Jarhead. Not safe for work and/or "straight" boys that are uncomfortable with their sexuality.
  • Paris Hilton only has one look.

    Anonymous mariah said...


    ...lemme know :)

    2:30 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...


    2:57 PM  
    Blogger torr said...

    Come on, "Gravity" was better than half the tracks on Out of Nothing.

    Torrini makes me go sleepy-time, in a bad way.

    Jarhead = Poor man's Three Kings.

    3:08 PM  
    Blogger the man with no name said...

    first off that paris hilton gif is hypnotic.

    second 'jarhead' is actually a pretty decent film. not great but decent.

    really other than being set during the first gulf war, it shares very little similarities with 'Three Kings'.

    6:43 PM  
    Anonymous Penguin said...

    I knew it, that just goes to show that Paris Hilton is *drumroll* a robot - I mean, its the most logical explanation...

    10:30 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Torr - I thought that whole Embrace album was disappointing. Shame you don't like the Torrini.

    The man with no name - I think I'm gonna check out Jarhead later this week!

    Penguin - Definately a robot. Definately.

    11:01 PM  
    Blogger alice said...

    Ahhhh jake has back! I think I'm going to have to see jarhead now too.

    Wow, Paris Hilton really does have one look. I never noticed. One more thing that labels her annoying.

    5:35 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Yeah, Jake has a pretty sweet ass but apparently there's an butt-double in the sex scene. So disappointing.

    6:15 PM  

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