Wednesday, October 26, 2005


  • So the Kaiser Chiefs video for "Modern Way" is fucking odd. But I must admit it's grown on me. And Ricky looks very dishy.
  • The Gorillaz video for "Dirty Harry" is fun - not to mention a killer track.
  • Goldie Lookin Chain protest about homelessness and bad housing in Cardiff. I just wish there was video footage.
  • If you don't already have it, download "The Fallen" by Franz Ferdinand from Fluxblog because its great I enjoy its clever use of the word "Kunst".
  • And if you're a fan of his work, Rachel has created Ryan Adams Radio which has pretty much everything he's ever done in the studio (and a few bootlegs) available for your listening pleasure.
  • Nooo! Not the Beckhams!
  • Did anyone else notice that last night on Jeopardy they had a category on The O.C.? Did anyone else have a friend awesome enough to call them and inform them of that? I THINK NOT! Thanks Mariah!
  • Tonight's the night we've all been waiting for... TABLOID! It's gonna be awesome because I'm gonna be there! Come out and dance and drink and screw - because there's nothing else to do (on a Wednesday night).

    Anonymous andragon said...

    12:36 PM  
    Blogger rocknrollstar said...

    Love the Pulp reference! Have fun with "The Common People" tonight!

    4:10 PM  
    Anonymous Mariah said...

    Dear Miss Valerie,

    Thank you for making me look as though i have no life and sit at home watching jeopardy every night.

    Your quiz-show-loving-friend,
    Mariah :)

    9:39 PM  

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