Friday, October 28, 2005

do they know it's (almost) halloween

  • Excellent news! MuchMoreMusic is airing the Pete Doherty documentary Who the F**k is Pete Doherty on November 11th at 6 and 10pm! I'm way too excited! Thanks Kat!
  • Sharon Osbourne talks about Pete and sheds some good insight.
  • Patrick Wolf is not a thief! So I guess he's not the new Pete Doherty after all!
  • Jarvis Cocker speaks. In a sexy voice naturally.
  • Belle & Sebastian have named their new album 'The Life Pursuit'. It's out in the UK on February 6th.
  • The new Madonna video for "Hung Up" is online for anyone who hasn't realized that Madonna is so totally over (it's all about Goldfrapp now)... Ugh... Its like bad Kylie Minogue... and obviously significantly less sexy.
  • The best boobs in Hollywood... are debatable.
  • Happy Halloween partying this weekend you Halloweeners.

    Blogger Dodge said...

    New song for you my little Rock N' Roll Queen -

    Love ya!

    2:50 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Ahah, thanks! The entire album's pretty damn good actually!

    4:23 PM  
    Anonymous imastalkerandireadyourblog said...

    you're insane. sure, the madonna video isn't very hot, but if u listen to the song without the video its really quite a good song! goldfrapp is great...but madge has still got it, biatch!

    i want kylie to come back from cancer..NOW

    2:05 AM  
    Blogger Jason said...

    Scarlett Johansson has the best boobs. First reason is not being oversized, and they are not fake. She simply was spectacular in Lost in Translation.

    Belle and Sebastian, with new album? I had no idea.

    Belle and Sebastian + Boobies = Euphoria

    9:18 PM  
    Anonymous Rebecca said...

    When I die I want to come back as Salma Hayek's boobies.

    10:52 AM  
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