Thursday, October 27, 2005

in the city that sounds nice

  • Kate Moss is outta rehab and on the loose! Thanks Fen!
  • Arctic Monkeys have some not-nice things to say about the Kaiser Chiefs.
  • Sweet! Franz Ferdinand are releasing 'The Fallen' as their next single in America (while the UK gets "Walk Away").
  • Coldplay have recruited director Anton Corbijn to direct the video for their forthcoming single "Talk".
  • No sex please, we're emo. "Celibacy rocks, says Weezer frontman". Right...
  • Alfie have split. How sad.
  • The Rakes make working for minimal pay look real good in their new video for "22 Grand Job". (Link from Torr)
  • Pitchfork actually have a cool feature this week on indie pop called "Twee As Fuck".
  • Ever wonder what happened to Justine Frischmann? Cos I sure do! Anyway, I heard on the radio yesterday that, aside from helping former roommate MIA launch her career, she's currently studying Psychology of Art at the University of Colorado.
  • Tabloid last night was brill. T'was lovely to see everyone, as always.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I was hoping to put a body to the snapshot that greets me every afternoon when I check your page, but alas it wasn't in the stars.

    I went to Tabloid last night hoping to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy your Blog but either you left too early or I arrived too late.

    Probably the latter.

    Maybe another time

    1:07 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Aw, thats too bad! I was all excited to meet new people!

    Did you have a good time?

    I was there from like 11-1 at the back hanging out by the bar and dancing... Le sigh! Hopefully we will meet another time!

    1:11 PM  
    Anonymous Rebecca said...

    Remember that time that we wore the same scarf?
    Awww, we're so cute, hehe.

    1:15 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Obviously we both just share good taste!

    Hope you did okay on your Spanish test!!!

    1:17 PM  
    Anonymous Fen said...

    BBC says Kate Moss is out of rehab. Let the drama continue!

    1:20 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Bah! I totally just linked to it! Thanks!!!

    1:24 PM  
    Blogger Gilberto said...

    So for their Kraftwerk plagiarizing tune, Coldplay is using "Mr. iconic images of Depeche/U2".

    There is hope after all in those bland bedwetters.


    1:45 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Ahaha, when I think of Anton Corbijn I always think of Joy Division... which to me is as far from Coldplay as you can get.

    PS: Nice to see you last night!

    1:47 PM  
    Blogger Hannah said...

    Hey - found this blog only recently (because someone posted a link) and I love it!

    The US is SO lucky getting The Fallen as a single. The video for Walk Away is pretty good, and the song isn't bad, but The Fallen just runs rings around it!

    2:48 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Thanks Hannah! I couldn't agree with you more about the Franz singles! I'm curious to see what the video (for 'The Fallen') will look like! I've only seen a few stills of "Walk Away" but I'm sure it'll be a doozy as well.

    Yeah. I just said doozy. I'm a nerd.

    2:52 PM  
    Blogger boadwee blog said...

    God, I LOVE Justine, and I think that the second Elastica album is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. One of THE all time great records. Completely different than the first yet equally brilliant.

    Headed to LA for the weekend.



    1:28 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Oh I totally agree! I'm so in love with her!
    Have a good one in LA!

    1:29 AM  

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