Tuesday, January 24, 2006

oh fuck

  • Conservative Leader/robot Stephen Harper is Canada's next Prime Minister. I am both sad and disturbed to say the least. I just hope the opposition will be enough to protect us from becoming the United States of Canada (no offence Yanks).
  • The NME gave Arctic Monkey's debut album 10/10! Thoughts?
  • Kaiser Chiefs lead the nominations for the NME Awards. And Ricky looks absolutely terrible in that photo.
  • My dear friend/fake-husband Alex in Manchester tells me that The Sunshine Underground are a new band you ought to investigate.
  • "London cabbies have an unwritten rule never to pick up Noel Gallagher. Just to piss him off." (From last week's Holy Moly!)
  • Coldplay are playing Canada's Juno Awards this year.
  • Jenny Lewis has announced solo tour dates. She plays Toronto's Opera House on March 16th.
  • All Saints have confirmed a reunion.
  • Lou Reed calls cast of Factory Girl "whores". Sienna can't seem to get a break.
  • Kate Moss is working on a £1m book deal. How very oppurtunistic of her to try to make money out of her drugs scandal.
  • Oh my God! I can now say Tara Reid looks fabulous without any trace of sarcasm!
  • I know its ages away but I'm already looking forward to seeing Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"... If only for the New Order soundtrack.

    Anonymous Fen said...

    Atleast Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver told Harper and his Cons to eat shit and die. We don't get any cabinet members, but what are ya gonna do?

    I'm sad. :(

    11:40 AM  
    Blogger Emma said...

    The Sunshine Underground are a very cool band. I missed them play Birmingham here this time last week because I was up in Liverpool. Gutted. Please continue to spread the love.

    12:42 PM  
    Blogger boadwee blog said...

    i guess arctic monkeys will able to afford professional skin care now, right?

    on a sad note i've had to moderate my blog comments because i got a CYBER STALKER! creppy huh? he really was on my trail for a bit but his fascination with me seems to have waned for the moment. i'm keeping a good thought!



    1:15 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The reason why Harper's eyes are so unnatural looking is because he can shoot lasers out of them. Really. Or maybe not.

    Arctic Monkeys' album is good, but not worthy of a 10/10... though that's the NME for you! Professional skin care for sure... I feel bad for that one boy, he's got such bad skin and he's on TV all the time.

    I can't believe Weezer are playing the Velvet Underground! That's crazy. And I'm looking forward to Marie Antoinette too... I love Coppola and the previews make me feel happy every time I see them.


    8:23 PM  
    Blogger Craig said...

    i imagined that's what they'd give them didn't nme start this whole hype machine rolling 6 months back

    they can't make their overheated oredictions ("band of the year") and then say the album is just ok which I suspect it is...just ok

    ps you've got a number of nasty pop up thingy's attached to your site. I check in every once in a while but honestly it's enough to keep me away for good (I'm using firefox with it's built in pop up blocker and they're still getting through)

    9:01 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Fen - Yeah, thank God for the big cities being able to see sense!

    Emma - I'll have to tell Alex that his music advice has been substantiated. He'll be pleased... And I hope you get to see them live soon!

    boadwee - I really hope they invest in their skin... And sorry about your e-stalker - I've had my fair share but they usually fade with time! Good luck!

    Mary - I agree that harper is a lazer-shooting robot... And you're right, the Arctic Monkeys album isn't THAT brilliant!

    craig - Yeah, I kind expected a favourable review from the NME - just not THAT favourable! And sorry about the pop-ups - I use Firefox too and I dont get any - maybe you need to click on the "Turn On Pop-Up Blocker" thing at the bottom of the Firefox window? Regardless, sorry it puts you off but theres nothing I can do.

    10:46 PM  
    Anonymous Penguin said...

    If Canada turns into as mentioned "United States of Canada", us Americans will have no place to run to when the shit really hits the fan...

    Oh btw, super depressed when I tried to pick up the Monkeys' album today only to find out that the release date is a good month away...

    How was your 24th? Proven to statistically be the worst day of the year - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6847012/ - I'd pretty much agree...

    12:30 AM  
    Anonymous frank said...

    the popups and ads are from your webstats4u hit counter. It's generating them. Ditch it and go to sitemeter or something crap-ad free.

    12:51 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i was going to ask you if you wanted to go to the jenny lewis show, but i can't make it due to schoolness. You should go though, i can only envision greatness.


    12:33 AM  
    Blogger Craig said...

    just an fyi and I know it's frustrating but I do have firefoxe's pop up blocker on and frank probably right about webstats 4 u counter

    but who knows Said The Graqmaphone just told me Songs:illinois crashes his camino browser on his mac...bummer

    6:59 PM  

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