Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i wish i was an indie-lympian

  • "Brokeback Mountain" and "Walk The Line" were big winners at last night's Golden Globe Awards. I was pretty thrilled when Rachel Weisz won Best Supporting Actress for "The Constant Gardener".
  • Pete Doherty has bought THREE Jaguar cars in the past month which is remarkable considering all the money he's losing by not turning up to gigs (although I must admit that being arrested is a good excuse). Sigh.
  • Morrissey's full UK tour has been confirmed. It's MASSIVE.
  • Graham Coxon says he will never reunite with Blur. What a suck.
  • Top Of The Pops "Indie-lympics" is a quick and entertaining read.
  • You can listen to Julian Casablancas talk you through The Strokes new album 'First Impressions Of Earth' track-by-track over at XFM.
  • Built To Spill will return with a new album in the spring.
  • Fluxblog has an acoustic mix of Sugababes "Push The Button". I still prefer the original because I do luv me some cheesy dance beats.
  • Frances Bean defends her "cool Mom". Uh. Okay. I guess every child just feels compelled to love their mother... even if she is Courtney Love.

    Blogger the man with no name said...

    new built to spill album = hooray!

    12:39 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Acrtic Monkeys are Supporting Oasis

    4:30 PM  

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