Monday, October 16, 2006


  • Hey did anyone see Art Brut over the weekend? Tell me what I missed!
  • Jarvis Cocker played Guest Editor for The Observer yesterday. Interviewed other famous people.
  • New video from Oasis for "The Masterplan". Might also be of interest to fans of L.S. Lowry's style of painting.
  • Q Award nominees have been announced. Lily Allen VS Arctic Monkeys? My vote's for The Kooks!
  • Young, famous Americans turned up to see Lily Allen play L.A.
  • Elton John has too much free time.
  • Scarlett Johansson has signed a record deal!?! WHA?
  • Speaking of the lovely miss Johansson... Bill Murray turned up at student party in Scotland. And did the dishes. Talk about life imitating art.
  • It's that time of year again to offer up suggestions for Halloween costumes... PLEASE HELP and/or give me a good excuse not to bother dressing up this year.

    Blogger Lynerd said...

    buy a bunch of sponges, bobby pin them to your clothes and when people ask what you're supposed to be, tell them you're self absorbed.

    or browse the ideas given out on

    10:55 PM  
    Blogger Cap'nCrunk said...

    Nicole Richie, and here's how you do it!:
    Dress in a skeleton outfit, only with fancy clothes on.

    1:12 PM  
    Anonymous Karl said...

    I saw Art Brut. You'll definitiely want to see the video of the Spinto Band dancing to We Are Scientists' cover of "Bang Bang Rock N' Roll." One thing I left out was the excellent tour shirts -- sadly, they were out of mens' sizes for the one where "Art Brut" is was made to look like the logo for Metallica, with the tagline, "Master of Pop Hits."

    2:12 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Lynerd - Good idea! Thanks for the link!

    Cap'nCrunk - THAT IS HILARIOUS! If I can find cheap skeleton costume I'll do it!

    Karl - Awww, now I really wish I hadn't missed them!

    5:22 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    this is a bit late, but I saw Art Brut on Sunday night here in Montreal! Art Brut were absolutely fantastic, and the finale was wonderful... WAS covered Hotel California but all three bands went on stage. The Spinto Band danced around with WAS underwear on their faces, Keith Murray rode around on Eddie Argos's shoulders ... it was the best ending to a concert that I'd ever seen.


    2:53 PM  

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