Tuesday, July 26, 2005

im so lazy, i aint done much lately

  • Chart's got a review up of Day One of Lollapalooza. I personally can't wait about Dodge's experience.
  • Pete Doherty apologizes to Peaches and Bob Geldof for being a LIAR!
  • We like Torr cos he has a link where you can stream the new Kaiser Chiefs track "Sink That Ship".
  • Take Your Medicine has loads of great tunes for your downloading pleasure! I particularly enjoy the tracks from The Subways, Clor, The Chalets, and Elle Milano.
  • Interpol are back in Toronto on September 28th for a show at Kool Haus. (Thanks Michelle)
  • I've been feeling kinda low lately and this song makes me feel better: The Subways, "Mary".
  • Make your own Coldplay X&Y-themed album cover. (Link from Pop Justice).
  • My favourite headline of the week... by far!

    Blogger mike said...

    that subways song is a superb track for making yourself feel great, how can people dislike them?!

    9:53 AM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    mike - Because those very same people, quite frankly, are IDIOTS.

    10:47 AM  
    Blogger Dodge said...

    Ah, you do still love me. Thank god...I need you, you can't just abandon me like that. I know it's needy, but come on, it's love.

    I've just never been in a reblogtionship like this before and it's a little scary sometimes...thanks for helping me through it. You're so wonderful.

    If you forget about me again though, I'll kill you. No, I'm not kidding, I will...don't test me.

    OK, I'm kidding, I would never kill you...just break you leg or something, so you can't leave me. That's not too psycho really. Is it?

    7:44 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Dodge - I could never leave you... because I know you'd find me...

    10:55 PM  
    Blogger Dodge said...

    lol ;)

    11:46 AM  

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