Thursday, August 11, 2005

a certain romance

  • The Rolling Stones played there secret show at the Phoenix last night. More details here.
  • The Subways are gonna be on The O.C.! I can't wait to see Mischa Barton shimmy along to "Rock And Roll Queen"!
  • Pete Doherty has a 48-year-old fan that acts as a surrogate mother of sorts. Check her out. That poor woman's got her hands full with him.
  • Courtney Love's in trouble again. She failed a drug test and thus violated her probation. Silly girl.
  • Dodge has Arctic Monkeys downloads! I love it... And, speaking of, thanks to everyone who emailed me with hook-ups. MWAH.
  • I actually watched Muchmusic for a whole 15 minutes last night and I caught the video for Greenday's "Wake Me Up When September Ends". About halfway through the damn thing I was crying during the big porch scene thinking that the girl character was upset the Billy Elliot dude had cheated on her - not upset he joined the goddamn war effort as it turned out. UGH. War does really ruin everything. Miss Modernage has her take on it.
  • This Saturday night Port Dalhousie will attempt to break the World Record for a Toga Party thus proving (to myself mostly) that you don't always need to go into the big city to have a good time my fellow suburbanites.

    Anonymous mariah said...


    why aren't we in st. catharines yet, miss valerie? do you remember the toga party where you and i first met? hehe... well, i actually only remember about half of it. ;)

    1:32 PM  
    Blogger Rock Snob said...

    Was I even at that toga party?

    We didn't meet there - we met before then on THE FIRST NIGHT we moved in and I ran into you and Pam outside and was like "where is everyone?" and we all we went and sat in the hallway outside the 5th floor lounge and met that creepy-sensitive guy from Tiggers who wanted to have deep conversations and shit... Woo! Go memory!

    2:31 PM  
    Anonymous mariah said...

    wow.. you're right. for some reason i thought that WAS the toga party... meh. that whole week is kind of a blur anyways!

    6:25 PM  
    Blogger rocknrollstar said...

    Rock Snob,

    England (and you) has Pete Doherty. We (USA) have Courtney Love... very sad, at least Pete is talented!

    7:21 PM  

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