Monday, August 01, 2005

long weekend - not long enough

  • Franz Ferdinand talk about the fight that almost destroyed the band. They have also renamed their new album. It is now called 'You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand'. Stereogum has the new single's cover art and a link to pictures from the "Do You Want To" video shoot.
  • Kate Moss has apparently bought Pete Doherty a new £15,000 anti-heroin implant as a parting gift. At least she tried.
  • The Rakes song "Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)" has really grown on me.
  • If you like Elbow, I suggest you go stream their new single "Forget Myself".
  • Hey, remember when Tara Reid used to be hot? Yeah, me neither. WHAT HAPPENED TARA?
  • The new Vice is the Photo Issue...
  • Oh and there's also a Vice Guide to Toronto. Who knew? (Certainly not me!)
  • According to Torontoist, the best outdoor places to makeout in the city are: Mallory Green (#1), The Rosedale Ravine (#2), Northern Secondary School Bleachers (#3), The Front Street Fountain (#4), and Queen Street West (#5). I've only scored at one of out the 5 (that I can remember anyway). I'm so ashamed.

    Anonymous mariah said...

    going to add some of those spots mentioned by torontoist to my list.... :O)

    1:34 PM  
    Blogger The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

    I didn't know there was such thing as an anti-heroin implant. I gotta research how that works. I imagine it releases a bit in your blood stream to wean you off slowly but what do I know. Although I'm skeptical hopefully Pete' will put it to good use. Nonetheless it was a thoughtful gift and confirmed to me that Kate really is a good woman. Hopefully they can work things out or at least they can remain good friends.

    I like the new title of the Franz Album. It should satisfy those who don’t like it when artist make more than one self-titled disc. Plus I think it conveys the band’s fun-loving nature.

    I enjoyed the Rakes video but I think the song is most defs a grower.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get the elbow link to work for me.

    6:47 PM  

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